Exciting New Phase: XETA & LAND Staking (Cycle 22) Commences!

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Staking Schedule and Process

The latest XETA & LAND Staking Cycle 22 is set to commence, featuring a structured timeline:

  • Campaign Period: August 29, 12:00 to September 11, 12:00 UTC
  • Join Raffle Period: September 11, 12:00 to September 13, 12:00 UTC

For detailed staking instructions:

Visit the Staking Site to participate.

Rewards for XETA & LAND Staking

$XETA Staking Rewards:

  1. BreakingDown Tickets: VIP access to the popular “BreakingDown” event.
  2. XANA: Land (Common): Essential NFT for various activities within XANA Metaverse.
  3. XANA: Penpenz: Unique generative NFT created with CryptoNinja.
  4. NFTDUEL Genesis Card (Ultraman): Exclusive card for NFTDUEL game.
  5. BreakingDown Avatar NFT: Limited edition generative NFT usable in XANA app.
  6. XANA: Genesis – Voice Plugin: Enhances AI Genesis with voice interaction capabilities.
  7. NFTDUEL Booster: Boosts the level of cards in NFTDUEL.
  8. NFTDUEL CryptoNinja (Single): Special card for the NFTDUEL game.
  9. Xeny ($5): In-game currency for the XANA ecosystem.

LAND Staking Rewards:

  1. XANA Festival Tickets: Access to exclusive “Real x Metaverse” events.
  2. BreakingDown Land (Common): Valuable NFT with potential growth.
  3. XANA: Genesis: Advanced AI-based NFT partner.
  4. Rooster Fighter NFT: Unique generative NFT with various combinations.
  5. XANA:Genesis – Animation Plugin: Adds animated movements to AI Genesis.
  6. Xeny ($100): In-game currency for various purposes in XANA ecosystem.
  7. XANA:Sneakerz: Exclusive wearable items in the XANA Metaverse.
  8. XANA Wearables: Unique metaverse fashion items.
  9. NFTDUEL Penpenz (Single): Special NFTDUEL card featuring XANA’s iconic character.

Understanding Staking in XANA

Staking in XANA allows users to lock their XETA tokens and LAND NFTs to gain various benefits across the ecosystem, including access to LAND, games, DeFi, NFTs, and brand apps. The process is user-friendly, requiring a simple login on the XANA website to start staking.

Staking Periods:

  • The staking cycle spans 15 days, divided into a 13-day Campaign Period and a 2-day Join Raffle Period.
  • During the Campaign Period, participants can stake their assets, earning tickets every 24 hours.
  • The Join Raffle Period allows for the use of these tickets to partake in the raffle.
  • After the raffle, winners can claim their rewards and any applicable tax bonuses.


We invite all users to explore the rewarding opportunities in this new staking cycle. Whether you’re staking XETA or LAND, a plethora of exciting rewards awaits. Join us in this journey and enhance your experience in the XANA ecosystem.

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Table of contents