XANA Weekly Development Recap | 22 July – 28 July

Weekly Development Update
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A Week of Significant Advancements The XANA Development team has once again surpassed expectations with notable progress this week. These advancements further cement XANA’s role as a leader in both theory and application within the Web 3.0 domain.

Weekly Highlights

Team Achievements

This section provides an overview of the key milestones achieved by various teams at XANA over the past week, contributing to the platform’s robust growth in the Web 3.0 landscape.

1. XANA App

YUSF2023 METAVERSE ZONE” is Now Open in XANA Metaverse

  1. The largest urban sports fest in Japan, “YOKOHAMA URBAN SPORTS FESTIVAL2023,” holds the pre-event celebration “YUSF2023 METAVERSE ZONE” in “ZONE-X” Metaverse space.
  2. “YUSF2023 METAVERSE ZONE” offers thrilling experiences: breakdancing, parkour, and a 3D skate park within the Metaverse.
  3. Enjoy archived images, highlight videos, and athlete interviews in the vibrant “YUSF2022” atmosphere as avatars in “ZONE-X.”

More details here.

Work in Progress

  1. Creating an exclusive DEEMO Museum for DEEMO NFT Owners.
  2. Improving the XANA Desktop App for a more immersive user experience.
  3. Making the JJ World even more responsive to its users with accurate analytics.

2. XANA Browser

Work in Progress

  1. Decreasing the Initial Loading Speed so users can experience more of XANA in less time.
  2. Working on improving the responsiveness of videos in a metaverse environment.
  3. Make the UI/UX the same as XANA Mobile App.

3. XANA Builder

XANA Builder Ver 23.07.25 is Now Live!

  1. Implemented a new wallet login method.
  2. Implemented about 100 new objects.
  3. Fixed about 30 minor bugs in total, including DAO reporting improvements

More details here

New Development

Giving your creativity an outlet is now easier than ever, thanks to an improved Builder.

  1. Updated the avatar idling pose.
  2. Now transport function has added a “Y-axis,” allowing vertical movement.
  3. User login time has been reduced for a seamless experience.
  4. Warp works fine, even in extreme scenarios
  5. Sky retains its color from every angle
  6. Timer overlaps for Appearance Change and Special Item with Turn Off Light have been resolved.

4. XANA Web

New Development

XANA is more than the metaverse. And XANA Web encapsulates that perfectly.

  1. Fixed the trimming function on the NFT upload screen.
  2. Set an allowable range of video data, in MBs, during NFT events.
  3. Exhibit your Artwork and other NFTs at NFT events without hassle.
  4. You can change “Environment Name” after creating an event. And set an appropriate description for it.
  5. Cleaner UI for public events.
  6. Land Map UI fixed for mobile users.
  7. Improved UI of Event Tab on mobile.


New Development

Bringing NFTs to the mainstream once again requires a flawless user experience, and XANA NFT delivers that experience.

  1. Users’ owned data is reflected without any delay on ERC 721 and ERC 1155.
  2. The wallet connectivity issue has been resolved for **XANA NFT** users.
  3. SBT has been successfully distributed to PENPENZ secondary purchasers and Diamond Hand.
  4. Account verification, including Discord Account, has been fixed.


NFTDUEL ver 23.07.31 Update is Now Available!

  1. Fixed a problem that prevented the “Turn End” button from being pressed on the first turn of the second player
  2. Fixed an issue where the game would not be drawn if the HP reached 0 at the same time
  3. Fixed a Japanese display bug in the ranking screen
  4. Added a cancel button on the matching screen

More Detail here

New Development

Taking beloved IPs, mashing them, and churning out an incredible gaming experience – made possible with utmost care.

  1. Players are limited to 5 duels at a time with the timely reflection of battle results and rankings.
  2. The “Turn End” button gets displayed after each turn.
  3. Duels end in a draw when both duelists have 0 HP.
  4. The cancel button is now functional on the Matching screen.

7. Rooster Fighterz

Work in Progress

  1. Creating a thorough registration process for Rooster NFTs.
  2. Reimagining the Rooster UI with the help of AI.
  3. Creating XANAStone NFT collection for the races.

8. AI

XANA: Genesis AI Becomes the Spokesperson for China’s NBCET Expo

  1. XANA’s AI character “Maritime Silk Road Girl” wowed at China Ningbo Maritime Silk Road Expo.
  2. Thousands interacted with her, showcasing XANA’s AI advancements in poetry, tour guiding, and multi-language communication.
  3. XANA’s Metaverse and NFTDUEL received strong recognition, promising exciting times ahead.

More details here.

Work in Progress

  1. Using static XANA Anime images to generate animated gifs.
  2. Implementing front-end web view for XANA: Genesis.
  3. Upgrading Genesis AI engine for better, more human-like responses.


We’re grateful to our tight-knit and growing community. Your continued support and timely critique helped us stay on course and tread the difficult path relatively easily.

We’re working on delivering a unique experience that engulfs your senses and excites you to the core. And these regular updates are helping us achieve that goal.

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