“BreakingDown LAND”NFT Drop (Vol.2) – AL and Public Sales

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Exclusive Land Sale: AL and Public Sale

BreakingDown LAND” NFT Drop (Vol.2) introduces two unique sales opportunities: the AL Sale for Arrow List (AL) holders and the Public Sale open to all.

AL Sale Details

Eligibility and Purchase Limits

  • AL Holders: Only those with an AL for “BreakingDown LAND” NFT can participate in the AL Sale.
  • Purchase Limit: Each AL entitles you to mint 1 NFT. However, Super Rare (1 x 1) and Rare (1 x 1) are combined as 1 AL (no limit for Common (1 x 1)).

AL Sale Process

  • Date and Time (UTC): August 25th, 09:00 to August 26th, 09:00.
  • Minting Limit: If purchasing a Super Rare NFT, the option to buy a Rare NFT will be disabled, and vice versa.

Public Sale Information

Open Participation

  • Date and Time (UTC): August 26th, 09:00 to August 27th, 09:00.
  • No Purchase Limit: All rarities available without restrictions (subject to availability from AL Sale).

Purchase Guides

Minting Overview

Pricing and Availability

  • Super Rare (1×1): 1.56 ETH for 10 NFTs.
  • Rare (1×1): 0.47 ETH for 10 NFTs.
  • Common (1×1): 0.16 ETH for 280 NFTs.
  • Minting Site: XANA Minting
  • Secondary Market: XANA NFT and OpenSea after sale completion.

Precautions and Disclaimers

Wallet Confirmation and Balance

  • Check Wallet Address: Ensure you’re using the winning wallet address from the AL.
  • Balance Requirements: Your wallet should cover the “mint price + gas cost”.

Technical Considerations

  • Device Compatibility: Desktop recommended for minting. Mobile users should verify wallet connectivity.
  • Wallet Address Changes: Post-AL announcement changes to wallet addresses are not possible.

Minting Process and Customer Support

  • Responsibility for Connectivity Issues: The team cannot be held responsible for minting failures due to connection issues.
  • NFT Reflection: NFTs may take up to 24 hours to appear in “Owned” section. Check blockchain info if delayed.
  • Customer Support: For assistance, use the chat feature on the XANA official website.

Final Note

  • Investment Risk: NFTs are not investment products. The value can fluctuate.
  • Regulatory Changes: Mobile app utility NFTs may become unusable due to store policy changes.
  • System Malfunction Support: Assistance provided for system-related purchase issues. No refunds or compensation for other cases.


NFT drop offers a unique opportunity to be part of the exciting BreakingDown ecosystem. Make sure to participate in the AL or Public Sale as per the guidelines, and for any queries, reach out to the XANA customer support team.

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Table of contents