A Comprehensive Update on XANA’s Business and Content Development

Weekly Development Update
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Strategic Business Development at XANA

  1. CEX Listing Announcement: XANA is set to be listed on major CEX exchange platforms, enhancing the security and accessibility of token trading for the community.
  2. Innovative IDO Collaboration with DAO Maker: Partnering with the leading IDO platform, DAO Maker, XANA is poised to revolutionize the DAO ecosystem, enabling global interaction and participation.
  3. Successful Completion of $XETA Token Private Sale Round 3: After a meticulous selection process, the third private sale round of the $XETA token has concluded, with allocation emails being sent to the top contributors.
  4. Public Sale of $XETA Token: The public round of the $XETA token offers a unique investment opportunity, widening access to XANA’s integral component.
  5. Ongoing Private Sale of XANA Land: Offering a chance to invest in prime digital real estate, the XANA Land Private Sale is still available for interested business entities.

Dynamic Content Development Initiatives

  1. Completion of XANA Genesis NFT Whitelist: The XANA Genesis NFT series whitelist campaign has concluded, promising an immersive Metaverse experience for the selected users.
  2. Launch and Sale of Skateboard NFTs: Post-whitelist, the Skateboard NFTs have been successfully minted and are now available for purchase, enhancing mobility within the XANA Metaverse.
  3. Exciting Collaborations Underway: XANA is currently in discussions with major companies to bring new opportunities to Metaverse users, with details to be announced soon.
  4. Closure of Hiroko Koshino Designer Wearable NFTs Whitelist: The whitelist for the fashion-forward Hiroko Koshino NFTs has closed, set to add style to XANA Avatars.
  5. Distribution of Alpha Pass Campaign Round 3 NFTs: The Alpha pass NFTs have been distributed, thanking participants for their support and encouraging continued community engagement.

Technological Advancements and Developments

  1. XETA Token Vesting and Staking Contracts: The development of XETA Token Vesting and Staking Contracts offers airdrops and staking rewards without exchange storage.
  2. Audit of Vesting and Staking Contracts: These contracts are currently under rigorous audit to ensure security and reliability for token holders.
  3. Updated XANA Mobile App: The XANA Metaverse mobile app now features a revamped user interface and custom avatar creation capabilities.
  4. Launch of XANA Launchpad: The operational XANA Launchpad allows users to create their own AI-animated NFTs with unique customizations.
  5. Development of XANA Land Geo Map Page: An upcoming Geo Map Page will enhance navigation and interaction within the XANA Metaverse.
  6. AI Animations for XANA Genesis NFTs: Under development, these animations will add a dynamic element to the collection and interaction with NFTs.

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Table of contents