Embracing the Future of the Metaverse and Digital Fashion

Weekly Development Update

Dive into XANA’s latest developments in the Metaverse, including exclusive collaborations, gaming innovations, and breakthroughs in digital fashion with Hiroko Koshino.

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Business Development: Expanding XANA’s Metaverse Horizons

  1. XANA XETA IGO with GameFi

    • Exciting IDO for $XETA, offering a $95,000 value in collaboration with GameFi.org.
    • Read more about the IGO and its vesting schedule here.
  2. Yokohama Urban Sports Festival Collaboration

    • A campaign for exclusive NFTs commemorating Japan’s top athletes.
    • A celebration of athletic excellence in digital form.
  3. XANA CEO’s Podcast Debut in Japan

    • Rio Takeshi Kubo debuts on a Japanese podcast, discussing the future of Metaverse gaming.
  4. Engaging with Global Communities

    • XANA’s AMA sessions with Turkish and Japanese communities, enhancing global engagement.

Content Development: Pioneering Digital Fashion and Community Engagement

  1. Hiroko Koshino Wearable NFTs: A Fashion Milestone

    • Whitelist winners announced for the alluring Hiroko Koshino wearable NFTs.
    • Sold-out success in 45 minutes, highlighting the demand for digital fashion.
  2. Community Contests: Celebrating Creativity

    • Winners of the XANADanceMeme Contest and Yokohama Sports Festival NFT announced.

Tech Development: Advancing the Metaverse Experience

  1. NFTDUEL GameFi Innovations

    • Introducing “Room Matching” and “Casual Matching” modes in NFTDUEL.
    • Enhancing user experience with new gaming functionalities.
  2. XANA Japan DAO Meetup

    • Successful community meetups hosted on Discord, fostering ideas and discussions.
  3. XANA Builder Updates

    • Addition of new assets to XANA Builder, expanding creative possibilities in the Metaverse.
  4. Continual Improvements and Bug Fixes

    • Ongoing efforts to refine and enhance the XANA Metaverse platform.

Explore the XANA Metaverse

Join the vibrant world of XANA and experience the forefront of Metaverse innovation, from gaming to digital fashion.

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Table of contents