Hiroko Koshino’s NFT wearables are Sold out instantaneously at Metaverse by XANA

Explore the groundbreaking collaboration between XANA and renowned designer Hiroko Koshino, marking a new era in digital fashion through wearable NFTs in the Metaverse.

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The Digital Couture Revolution: XANA and Hiroko Koshino’s Collaboration

  1. “Proof of New Possibilities of Digital Fashion”

    • XANA, a leading Metaverse and NFT marketplace, collaborates with Hiroko Koshino.
    • Introduction of avatar wearable NFTs, blending fashion and digital innovation.
    • Sold out pre-sale of limited edition NFTs, showcasing global demand.
  2. RIO’s Vision for Metaverse Fashion

    • RIO, XANA’s Founder, envisions daily fashion enjoyment in the Metaverse.
    • Focus on detailed avatar fashion, enhancing digital self-expression.
    • Commitment to continue bringing joy and innovation in digital fashion.
  3. Hiroko Koshino: A Profile of Pioneering Artistry

    • An illustrious career with global showcases and multifaceted designs.
    • A celebrated designer with a footprint in various fashion and art forms.
    • Recognition for significant contributions to the fashion industry.

    Follow Hiroko Koshino on Instagram: hirokokoshino_official

Hiroko Koshino Profile

Hiroko Koshino Profile

The Ecosystem: XANA, XANALIA, and NoBorderZ

  1. About XANA

    • A blockchain-based NFT Metaverse offering diverse products, services, and activities.
    • Renowned for collaborations promoting culture, sports, and fashion.
  2. About XANALIA

    • A top-ranking global NFT marketplace.
    • Known for its Metaverse linkage and decentralized finance model.
    • Hosts various global creator support initiatives.
  3. About NoBorderZ

    • An entertainment technology company envisioning a world without borders.
    • Operates Metaverse and NFT platforms, blending entertainment with technology.

Discover XANA’s Metaverse

Join the vanguard of digital fashion and experience the convergence of creativity and technology in XANA’s Metaverse.

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Table of contents