Introduction: XANA Metaverse’s Rapid Growth and Innovative Developments

Weekly Development Update

XANA Metaverse is rapidly making its mark in the virtual world through significant partnerships and development of unique NFTs. With collaborations with major crypto exchanges and platforms, XANA is enhancing accessibility and liquidity in the NFT market. Notably, XANA has successfully distributed Astroboy x Japan NFTs to BinanceNFT and XANA winners, marking a significant achievement in popularizing anime NFTs.

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Distributed Astroboy X Japan NFTs to BinanceNFT Winners

We’re very excited to announce that we’ve distributed the Astroboy x Japan NFTs to both XANA and BinanceNFT winners! We’re thrilled with the massive participation and patience you all showed as we worked through this process. Astroboy NFTs are popular anime NFTs and we’re happy to see people enjoying them. Thank you so much for joining us on this journey and helping us make it happen.

XANA is now Collaborating with Major Crypto Exchange Gate

XANA is thrilled to announce that it is now collaborating with a significant crypto exchange, Gate. The partnership will enable XANA to work with GateNFT. This move will increase access to XANA’s NFTs and add liquidity to the market. Gate is a leading cryptocurrency exchange with a 1 billion US$ daily trade volume, and its partnership with XANA will allow the two companies to work together in various ways. 

XANA is Collaborating with Popular NFT Platform NFTB

XANA has partnered with NFTB, a popular non-fungible token (NFT) platform. This partnership gives XANA access to a new audience of crypto enthusiasts passionate about the latest NFT technology. NFTB is a new INO and XANA’s partner in the world of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Together, we will be working on creating new features for our users.

NFTb is the Complete Multi-chain DeFi and NFTs platform for Communities and a BSC NFT Accelerator Fund. NFTb helps creators get comfortable and love using DeFi dApps.

XANA AMA With Gate Team, Community, and Users

We are excited to announce the XANA AMA with the Gate Team, Community, and Users. This will be an excellent opportunity to ask questions about the project, how it works and how it will benefit you. We will also be answering questions from the community to help better understand what we are trying to achieve with this project. XANA will reward the top 5 participants with the best questions with the XANA NFTs. The AMA will be hosted on the Discord channel. Here is the joining link

XANA Skateboard NFTs Public Sale will Happen on Gate

XANA Skateboard NFTs are the first collectible skateboards built on blockchain technology. The public sale of XANA Skateboard NFTs will soon be on the Gate platform for all the whitelisted users. Skateboard NFTs will give you access to an actual skateboard in the XANA Metaverse, which you can use to get around the virtual world. 

Weekly Winners of XANA Dance Meme Contest Announced

XANA team has organized a weekly contest for the community. We are receiving great entries every week for the “Dance Meme Contest”. The winners with the best NFT wins the award along with the $20 prize and XANA Genesis NFT. The winners of this week have been announced on the official Twitter handle of XANA.

Last Round of XETA Whitelist and Alpha Pass NFTs Closed

The last round of XETA Whitelist and Alpha Pass NFTs has now closed. We want to thank everyone who has participated in the process so far, and thank you for your support! To all those who were lucky enough to get a spot in our whitelist and alpha pass NFTs, we hope you enjoy your reward from us! If you weren’t one of the chosen few, please continue supporting us on social media, telling your friends about the project, so that you can win rewards in future campaigns or competitions. 

Tech Development

Sneak Peek of XANA’s XETA Token Staking Interface

The sneak peek of the staking interface on XANA Metaverse for $XETA has been revealed. XANA team is consistently working towards the advanced development of XANA Metaverse. The native token $XETA will have many utilities in the Metaverse. 

The X-Ticket can be earned every day by Staking $XETA to join the raffle for exclusive access to Rare NFTs such as Rare Land, Rare Avatar, and Rare in-game items on NFTDUEL.

Sneak Peek of New XANA Metaverse Trailer

The sneak peek of the new Metaverse Trailer is revealed. The 3D team is working on the trailer, which will be released soon! We’ve been hard at work building the visuals for a sneak peek of our new metaverse trailer. In this behind-the-scenes look, you’ll see just how we’re bringing this world to life with a combination of traditional animation and modern CGI techniques.

XANA Mobile Metaverse App Updated

The XANA Mobile Metaverse app is updated with some great features. The users will now enjoy a better and more seamless experience with the XANA mobile app. NFT award 2021 ceremony world, TIF2021 × XANA Collab world, Speach balloon of Avatar comment, and Avatar name display function are some of the recent live updates. Now users can enjoy the immersive Metaverse with their smartphones.

NFTDUEL Alpha Version Coming Soon

XANA is soon launching the Alpha version of the NFTDUEL after the XANA Alpha launch. The bug fixing and the testing of the game have been done by the team. NFTDUEL is a virtual reality game that can be played by anyone around the world within the XANA Metaverse. The game is available for most smartphones and PCs. Get ready for the Alpha Version coming soon.

More Assets Added to XANA Builder

XANA has added more assets to their metaverse building tool, XANA Builder with more powerful tools to help you create the perfect world for your users. Users now have more options for building their own worlds and environments within the Metaverse. XANA team keeps on updating the assets to the XANA Builder enabling users and creators to launch their creativity in the XANA Metaverse. 

Conclusion: XANA – Pioneering the Future of Virtual Reality

XANA Metaverse is at the forefront of creating a dynamic, interactive virtual world. Through strategic partnerships, innovative NFT projects, and constant technical enhancements, XANA is shaping a Metaverse that transcends traditional digital boundaries. The platform is a beacon for creativity, social interaction, and business opportunities in the virtual realm.

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