Introduction to XANA’s Newest App Enhancements

The XANA Metaverse app, a leading platform in the virtual world, has introduced a series of updates and new functionalities. These enhancements are designed to improve the user experience significantly, making virtual interactions more immersive and engaging.

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1. Update Information

New Functionalities

  • AWARDS2021 Recognition World: A newly implemented feature to recognize and celebrate achievements within the XANA community.
  • TIF2021 AFTERPARTY × XANA World: An exciting new world for users to explore, designed specifically for post-event interactions and engagements.
  • Avatar Comment Speech Balloon: Enhances communication within the Metaverse by displaying avatar comments in a speech balloon format.
  • Avatar Name Display Functionality: This feature now allows for the display of avatar names, enhancing user recognition and interaction.

Bug Fixes and UI Improvements

  • Home Screen UI Update: An updated and user-friendly interface for a better navigational experience.
  • Avatar Usability Improvement: Enhanced features for a more seamless avatar control and interaction.
  • Simultaneous Connection Bug Fix: Resolved issues related to multiple device connections.
  • World Display Bugs: Addressed and fixed display issues in the “WORLD” environment.
  • UI and Gesture Screen Tweaks: Improvements in the create and gesture screens for better functionality.
  • Reload App Bugs: Fixed bugs related to app reloading for continuous performance.

Notes and Ongoing Issues

  • Update Pop-Up Bug: A known issue where the update notification persists post-update, soon to be resolved.
  • Android Version Pending: The latest version for Android devices is in the process of being updated on the Play Store.

2. Compatible Models

For iPhone Users

  • Models: iPhone X and later (iPhone 11 or later recommended).
  • Operating System: iOS 14 or later.
  • CPU and GPU Specifications: Detailed technical specifications outlined.
  • Apple Store Download URL

For Android Users

  • System Requirements: Android 10 Version or above with specific CPU, GPU, RAM, and storage requirements.
  • Google Store Download URL
  • Compatibility Note: Potential UI corruption or app crashes on incompatible devices.

3. Connection Capacity and Limitations

  • Simultaneous Connections: Up to 10 people can connect in one world; exceeding this number may result in being in different dimensions.
  • Alpha Pass Limitations: Includes longer world loading times, potential app crashes, and limited SNS functions, which will be progressively updated.
  • Recommendations for Optimal Use: Advised to use mobile devices with stable Wi-Fi connections for better performance.

Conclusion: A Step Forward in Virtual Interaction

The latest updates to the XANA Metaverse app mark a significant step forward in enhancing the virtual experience. With improved functionalities, bug fixes, and expanded device compatibility, XANA continues to pioneer in providing a seamless and dynamic virtual environment for its growing community.

Explore the new possibilities in the virtual world with XANA Metaverse.

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Table of contents