XANA Metaverse: Nearing Major Milestones in Business Development

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1. Exciting Prospects with CEX Listing

  • Finalizing CEX Listing: XANA Metaverse is on the brink of a significant breakthrough, finalizing its deal with major CEX platforms. This move is poised to enhance XANA’s visibility and accessibility within the broader crypto community.
  • Anticipation Building: Due to non-disclosure agreements, specific details about the CEX platforms remain under wraps until the official announcement, heightening anticipation within the XANA community.

2. Impending IDO Launch

  • IDO Preparations Nearing Completion: XANA Metaverse is in the final stages of preparing for its Initial Dex Offering (IDO), marking a pivotal moment in the platform’s expansion and innovation.
  • Exchange of Digital Assets: The forthcoming IDO promises to offer a unique exchange facility, enabling users to seamlessly trade cryptocurrencies for fiat currencies and vice versa.

3. R3 Campaign Closing Soon

  • $XETA Whitelist Campaign: The third round of XANA’s $XETA token presale whitelisting program is approaching its conclusion. This initiative has been instrumental in allocating XANA’s native token to its global community.
  • Rewarding Participation: Top 100 participants in this round stand a chance to win $100 each, along with exclusive access to the $XETA token presale, fostering community engagement and anticipation.

XANA and Binance Successfully Collaborated to Sell Astro Boy X Japan NFTs

The collaboration of XANA with the Binance NFT platform for the trading of the famous anime character Astro Boy X Japan NFTs was a huge success. This duo resulted in enormous popularity among the crypto community. To add to the success of the XANA and Binance partnership, the Astro Boy NFTs were sold within a few seconds of their launch. Soon XANA will be launching more anime NFTs for the fans.

NFT Creative Award Announced

NFT Creative Award is a new category added to the award category of “XANA Meme Contest”. The first NFT creative award has been announced by the XANA team after analyzing all the meme entries. The award-winning NFT creator is rewarded with $100 from the XANA team. The name of the winner NFT is “It’s his AirPods”.

Content Development

XANA Genesis Whitelist Ongoing

XANA has announced the whitelist program for the “XANA Genesis NFTs”. This NFT series is created by the XANA team and will be launched soon on the platform. Genesis NFTs will be personalized AI partners for the Metaverse. A set of rules is mentioned on the official Twitter account of the XANA to enter the whitelist campaign. Check the post here. https://sweepwidget.com/view/56025-cin7avq8

Astro Boy X Japan NFTs Sold Out

The most-loved anime character Astro Boy is launched as NFT by the XANA Metaverse in collaboration with the Binance NFT trading platform. The Astro Boy X Japan NFTs series has gained massive support from the community and the NFTs are sold out within a few seconds of the launch. Stay updated for the next launch!


The round 4 NFTs of the ULTRAMAN whitelist campaign have been sold out. The whitelist winners got the chance to mint their genesis NFTs on the XANALIA NFT marketplace with minimal fees. We have received insane entries for the ULTRAMAN genesis NFT cards.

ULTRAMAN R5 Whitelist Ongoing

The 5th round of the ULTRAMAN NFT whitelist is started and will be ongoing till 11 May 2022. The first 300 winners of the Whitelist campaign will be able to get the ULTRAMAN genesis NFT cards. These NFTs will have a lot of utility in the XANA Metaverse. Additionally, whitelist participants for the ULTRAMAN Genesis NFTs will also receive priority access to many future NFT whitelists held by XANA. Register for the ULTRAMAN R5 whitelist.

Skateboard NFT Whitelist Closing Soon

The whitelist program for the presale of the Skateboard NFTs for the XANA Metaverse was started in April 2022. The whitelist for the Skateboards’ initial NFT offering is closing soon, and winners will be notified by email. Morita Manabu is the creator of these NFTs, which can be used in the XANA metaverse for adventurous transportation. 

. Fashion Meets Virtual Reality: Hiroko Koshino NFTs

  • Designer Collaboration: XANA Metaverse has partnered with renowned fashion designer Hiroko Koshino to bring a unique fashion experience into the virtual world.
  • Wearable NFTs: Hiroko Koshino’s original 3D designs have been transformed into wearable NFTs, allowing XANA avatars to don designer clothing within the Metaverse.
  • Marketplace Accessibility: These innovative NFTs are available for purchase on the XANALIA NFT marketplace, further blending fashion with digital innovation.

2. Technical Advancements in XANA Metaverse

  • Map for Virtual Land: As the interest in XANA Land grows, especially among prominent brands and institutions, the development team is focused on creating a comprehensive map to facilitate virtual real estate investment.
  • Genesis AI Animations: The popular Genesis NFT series is set to receive an upgrade with personalized AI animations, adding a new layer of interactivity and appeal.
  • Token Vesting and Staking Contracts: XANA is enhancing its platform with token vesting and staking contracts, poised to offer streamlined token distribution and rewarding staking opportunities.

3. New Developments: Idol Resort and XANA Builder

  • Idol Resort: A new entertainment hub within XANA Metaverse, featuring vacation spots, practice rooms, dance floors, art rooms, cafes, and gaming zones.
  • XANA Builder Enhancements: The platform is being updated with additional assets, enabling users and developers to craft intricate virtual worlds with minimal coding requirements.

4. Preparing for NFTDUEL Alpha Launch

  • NFTDUEL Game: The anticipation builds for the Alpha launch of XANA’s trading card game “NFTDUEL,” which has undergone meticulous testing and debugging.
  • Community Engagement: The global community eagerly awaits the release of this engaging and interactive gaming experience.

Conclusion: A New Horizon in Virtual Interaction

XANA Metaverse is rapidly evolving, seamlessly integrating fashion, gaming, and virtual real estate to offer a dynamic and immersive virtual experience. Stay connected and explore the endless possibilities in XANA Metaverse.

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Table of contents