Introduction to XANA Metaverse’s Recent Progress

XANA Metaverse has made significant strides in enhancing its platform, showcasing a series of developments and collaborations that underscore its commitment to providing an immersive virtual experience. From hosting live AMAs to introducing new NFTs and expanding its reach through strategic partnerships, XANA is swiftly evolving into a comprehensive metaverse ecosystem.

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Business Development

AMA With TehMoonwalker

We are very excited to announce that XANA hosted a live AMA with TehMoonwalker on 9 May. The CEO of XANA Rio Takeshi Kubo has answered the questions related to the XANA Genesis series at the official telegram channel of XANA. During this AMA, Rio answered all questions about this project in detail and also answered questions about his background as a CEO. 

Additionally, he also told the community about his vision for the future development of XANA’s products and services. The top 9 winners of the AMA are rewarded with the XANA genesis NFT whitelist. We would like to thank all participants for their interest and support!

XANA Land Private Sale Ongoing

The XANA Land Private Sale is currently ongoing. XANA Metaverse allows users to invest in the Metaverse by purchasing the XANA Land. Many institutions and big brands have already participated in the ongoing XANA Land sale. This will create potential opportunities for brands in the virtual world of the Metaverse. XANA is the first of its kind, and it will provide a completely new way for people to interact with one another and explore their imaginations. 

Arranging More AMAs with Large Communities

XANA is excited to announce that we are working with the metaverse community to bring you more AMAs with industry leaders in virtual reality. We know it’s essential for our users to have access to the latest information on the metaverse and its technology, so we’ve started scheduling regular AMAs with some of the top minds in our field. We have already organized a successful AMA with multiple Forums on Discord, Twitter, and Telegram. These events will feature some prominent experts from our community.

Discussing XANA Metaverse on Boarding with Artists

XANA Metaverse is a new platform for artists to showcase their work and connect with fans. Its idea is to make the art world more accessible to everyone. XANA team is discussing with various popular artists focusing on how artists can use XANA’s technology to create new ways to engage with their work and how XANA can encourage more people to try out this new form of entertainment. Several artists have already created unique worlds within XANA’s virtual environment where they can share their work with others worldwide.

Working towards Bringing on More Influencers for XANA Metaverse

We are thrilled to announce that we have begun the process of bringing more influencers into the XANA Metaverse community. Our team has been working tirelessly to make sure that every aspect of this experience is as immersive and engaging as possible, including our network of influencers. We want to make sure that our users can enjoy the full range of experiences available in XANA Metaverse, and we’re excited about what’s coming!

Content Development

Sneak Peek XANA Genesis NFT in NFTDUEL

XANA Genesis NFT (non-fungible token), the first of its kind AI NFT, is being released on the NFTDUEL platform very soon. The sneak peek has been revealed at the official Twitter handle of XANA. The Genesis NFTs will create an advanced gaming experience for the Metaverse game NFTDUEL gamers.

ULTRAMAN Genesis Round 5 Whitelist Closed

The ULTRAMAN Genesis Round 5 Whitelist is now closed, and the winners have been announced. All users who have successfully registered for the whitelist are invited to participate in the fifth round of the Genesis NFT minting at the XANALIA NFT marketplace. We would like to thank all of you for your participation in this round of whitelisting. We received massive applications from interested users and have processed them diligently.

XANA Genesis NFT Whitelist Ongoing

The XANA team has announced the whitelist campaign for the XANA Genesis NFT series. These AI-enable NFTs will make the Metaverse experience more immersive. The whitelist users will get a chance to win XANA Land reward, GameFi autoplay support, $XETA. Register for the whitelist here : https://sweepwidget.com/view/56025-cin7avq8

All ULTRAMAN Genesis NFTs Minted

The ULTRAMAN Genesis NFTs received a huge response from the community. The NFTs have been distributed to the whitelist winners in multiple rounds. All the ULTRAMAN genesis NFTs are now minted by the users through the XANALIA platform and ready to be used in the XANA’s Metaverse game NFTDUEL.

These Genesis NFT Cards have a lot more potential use cases within the XANA Metaverse as well. One of the best utilities the ULTRAMAN Genesis NFTs offer is an exclusive ULTRAMAN world on the XANA Metaverse. 

XANA Skateboard NFTs Whitelist Closed

The whitelist for XANA Skateboard NFTs is now closed. We have reached our cap of whitelisted participants for the XANA skateboard NFTs. Thank you to everyone who participated! We will open up the waitlist soon and announce when that happens. We will be sending the e-mail to the winners of the Whitelist for Metaverse Skateboard NFTs. NFTdrop will be scheduled next week with a secret partner, which will be revealed this week! 

Keep in mind these Skateborard NFTs give you access to an actual skateboard in the XANA Metaverse, which you can use to get around the virtual world. 

Whitelisting for Hiroko Koshino Metaverse Wearables Open

Hiroko Koshino Metaverse Wearables are now available for whitelisting. To get your hands on these products, you’ll need to be whitelisted. The users eligible for whitelisting will get a chance to win $20, designer clothing NFTs for their XANA Metaverse Avatars. XANA will give 500 Hiroko Koshino designer NFTs to the 500 Whitelisted users. Register for the whitelist campaign here. (link)

Tech Development

NFTDUEL Home Screen Sneak Peek

An exciting news for the community is that the fully loaded version of the NFTDUEL will be launched soon. To maintain the excitement alive the XANA team has revealed the sneak peak of NFTDUEL home screen. NFTDUEL Home Screen will allow users to monitor:

  • Stats 
  • League and the ranking 
  • Deck which you will bring to the next DUEL

NFTDUEL Gameplay Sneak Peeks

We are excited to announce that the first gameplay sneak peek for NFTDUEL is now available at our official Twitter handle. NFTDUEL is a new and exciting game that combines the best of both worlds: digital assets and physical gaming. The game’s premise is simple: players battle against each other using digital NFT cards, but everything is done in real-time. We’ve been working hard on NFTDUEL, and we’re very proud of what we’ve created so far—and we know you’ll love it too!

NFTDUEL Quest Mode Sneak Peek

Are you ready for a new way to play P2E? 

We’ve got some exciting news for you!

Introducing NFTDUEL Quest Mode, a new way to play P2E lets you complete missions and earn $DUEL tokens and other treasures. The sneak peek of the NFTDUEL quest mode is revealed. The first step is to complete the mission. Each day, we’ll provide you with five different duels. Once you win those five duels, you’ll get a Loot Chest containing $DUEL and other treasures.

Hiroko Koshino Metaverse Wearables Developed

Hiroko Koshino, the top fashion designer, known for her avant-garde creations, has released a line of Metaverse wearables at XANA Metaverse. The whitelist for the wearable NFTs is now live with 500 spots. Hiroko Koshino’s original 3D-designed fashion items are developed as NFTs. These fashion NFTs will be listed on the XANALIA NFT marketplace for the trade. The whitelist winners will get a chance to own these NFTs and customize their virtual 3D avatars with these wearable NFTs in the XANA metaverse. 

Added More Assets to XANA Builder

We’ve updated XANA Builder with some new assets. Now you can create your own environments and characters and share them with other users. XANA Metaverse is currently in its early stages of development, but already it is shaping up to be a powerful tool for creating and managing virtual worlds. We’ve added some new features to the builder to make it easier to create the world you want.

Conclusion: A Forward-Looking Metaverse Platform

XANA Metaverse is rapidly solidifying its position as a leader in the virtual world, with its diverse developments and user-centric initiatives. The platform’s focus on interactive events, strategic collaborations, and innovative NFT integrations showcases its commitment to building a dynamic and accessible metaverse for all.

Explore the vibrant virtual world and stay updated with the latest advancements at XANA Metaverse.

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