XANA Metaverse: Expanding Boundaries in Business and Technology

Weekly Development Update
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Business Development

Institutions and Influencers Buying Land on XANA

A significant number of leading institutions and influencers are actively investing in XANA Metaverse, purchasing land for various business and development opportunities. This influx of prominent entities and personalities into the XANA Metaverse signifies a growing interest in virtual space for branding, community building, and event hosting, hinting at an exciting phase of economic growth and expansion within the Metaverse.

New Artist Collaborations

XANA continues to expand its creative horizons by collaborating with new artists. These partnerships are expected to bring fresh content and artistic perspectives to the Metaverse, enriching the user experience with diverse and engaging digital artwork.

Content Update

Astro Boy X Japan Whitelist

The highly anticipated Astro Boy X Japan NFTs have also opened their Whitelist, allowing fans and collectors to secure their spot in acquiring these unique digital assets.

XANA Metaverse Alpha

The XANA Metaverse Alpha version is a critical step in testing and refining the platform. It represents a significant milestone in bringing a fully functional and user-friendly Metaverse experience to the public.

Alpha Testing of XANA Metaverse

The ongoing alpha testing of the XANA Metaverse is a testament to the platform’s commitment to excellence and user satisfaction. This phase is crucial in identifying and addressing any issues to ensure a seamless experience for all users.

Enter the World of XANA The Next-Gen Metaverse

Round 2 of XETA Token Whitelist Finalized

The second round of the XETA Token Whitelist has reached its conclusion. This step marks a pivotal moment in the distribution and allocation of XANA’s native token, indicating robust community involvement and interest in the platform’s financial ecosystem

Alpha DAO Launched

XANA has introduced the Alpha DAO, a significant development in its governance structure. This initiative represents a move towards a more decentralized and community-driven approach, providing stakeholders with a greater say in the future direction and decisions within the XANA Metaverse.


New Artist

The XANA Metaverse is enticing new artists to the platform to promote the ingenuity and creativity on the Metaverse. XANA has recently collaborated with CryptoNinja and the popular anime community.  The collaboration with a famous Anime voice actor, Tachibana Shinnosuke has been substantial. XANA is also in discussion with a potential fashion artist, and it will be finalized soon.

Content Update

ULTRAMAN R3 Whitelist

The Whitelist for the third round of ULTRAMAN NFTs is now open. This initiative offers community members the chance to be part of the growing popularity of this iconic series within the XANA Metaverse.

Astro Boy X Japan Whitelist

The highly anticipated Astro Boy X Japan NFTs have also opened their Whitelist, allowing fans and collectors to secure their spot in acquiring these unique digital assets

Rooster Fighter Whitelist

The Whitelist for Rooster Fighter NFTs is another exciting opportunity for enthusiasts and collectors within the XANA community to own a piece of this innovative and engaging series

Alpha Pass NFTs

Alpha Pass NFTs are being offered to community members, providing exclusive access and privileges within the XANA Metaverse. This initiative underscores XANA’s commitment to rewarding and engaging its community members actively.

Tech Operations

Alpha DAO Developed

The first version of the XANA DAO, XANA Alpha DAO has been developed. A fully functional DAO for the XANA community is still under development, which might take quite some time. XANA Alpha DAO will allow the community to participate in the development of the XANA Metaverse by being able to make proposals,  communicate with the devs, and view community sentiment. This is just the very first step toward a fully-functional XANA DAO for the community. View the Alpha DAO here, or make proposals from here. 

XANA Metaverse Alpha 

The most exciting news for the users is that the Alpha version of the XANA Metaverse is ready and launched. This will be a massive hit with many excellent updates for the community. The Alpha version of the XANA Metaverse includes the premium features for Alpha Pass NFT holders that these users can access. After the release of the XANA Metaverse Alpha, the XANA team is now focused on XANA’s Alpha DAO.

XANA Metaverse Alpha Testing

The XANA Metaverse is undergoing Alpha phase testing. This is just the beginning of the fascinating journey of the XANA Metaverse. XANA is going to an immersive platform with many unfolding opportunities for the Metaverse community. The XANA team has shown excellent progress for the Alpha development phase.

?XANA Metaverse App (Alpha)

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?XANA Metaverse App (Alpha)

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The latest developments in XANA Metaverse, from business expansions to technological advancements, demonstrate a vibrant and rapidly evolving platform. With significant land purchases by institutions and influencers, new artist collaborations, and community-driven initiatives like Alpha DAO and NFT Whitelists, XANA is paving the way for a more inclusive and dynamic virtual world. Stay tuned for more updates and be a part of this exciting journey in the Metaverse.

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Table of contents