XANA Metaverse: Revolutionizing Real Estate in the Virtual World

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Private Land Sale Coming to an End

XANA is transforming the Metaverse with its groundbreaking Land NFTs, offering literal ownership of virtual land. The ongoing private sale targets long-term partners and institutions, setting the stage for future public sales. These strategic early sales aim to develop the land into vibrant hubs of activity within the XANA Metaverse. April is pivotal, with significant collaborations and public land sales in the pipeline, promising to draw massive attention to XANA.

Introducing New Incentives For Early Adapters

Acknowledging the contribution of early supporters, XANA is introducing exclusive benefits for its dedicated early adopters, the “First Penguins.” These community members, having shown their commitment from the project’s inception, will be given priority in an exclusive private sale. This initiative offers them the opportunity to be among the first landowners in the XANA Metaverse, alongside major institutions and influencers.

Plan for our XANA land First Sale for the Penguins

Recognizing the loyalty and participation of early community members, XANA has devised a First Penguin Level system based on various activities:

  • XANA Community Ranking (Feb, Mar, Apr.)
  • Holding an Alpha pass
  • Entry in XANA’s whitelists (ULTRAMAN, Astroboy, Rooster Fighter)
  • Ownership and holding of above NFTs
  • Active SNS and community engagement
  • Alpha app play hours

This plan honors early joiners with significant advantages, though recent joiners also have the opportunity to rise as Penguins.

Don’t Lower your Penguin Level!

Maintaining your Penguin level is crucial. It can decrease if you sell any NFTs obtained through XANA’s whitelisted sales. Trading these NFTs is encouraged for market liquidity, but retaining them showcases commitment to XANA’s vision. However, certain actions can result in a zero Penguin level, such as not purchasing NFTs after winning a whitelist spot or using bots for community ranking manipulation.

XANA: The Future Of Metaverse Real Estate

The land allocation for this campaign is limited, and despite the raffle system, higher rankers will have more opportunities due to their significant contributions. Selected users will be notified via email before the public land sale announcement.

XANA is poised to lead the Metaverse industry with its advanced features and technology. Users can look forward to a dynamic virtual life and income-generating opportunities in the Metaverse.

Stay updated on XANA’s developments by following their Twitter, Discord, and Telegram for upcoming announcements and opportunities.

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Table of contents