“Launch of XETA & LAND Staking (Cycle 13)”

Weekly Development Update
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Schedule and Participation in Staking

Staking Timeline

  • Campaign Period: From April 16, 12:00 to April 29, 12:00 UTC.
  • Join Raffle Period: From April 29, 12:00 to May 1, 12:00 UTC.

How to Engage in Staking

  • $XETA Staking: Accessible through detailed manuals in English and Japanese.
  • LAND Staking: Comprehensive guides available in English and Japanese.
  • Staking Platform: Utilize the XANA Staking Site for participation.

Reward Structure for Staking

XETA Staking Incentives

  • XANA:Penpenz: Unique freemint Generative NFT, in partnership with CryptoNinja.
  • XANA:Genesis Voice Plugin v1: Enables speech for XANA: Genesis AI NFT.
  • XANA:Sneakerz: Exclusive wearable within the XANA Metaverse.
  • NFTDUEL Cards (Pack): Enhance your gaming experience in NFTDUEL.
  • NFTDUEL Booster: Level up your NFTDUEL cards.
  • NFTDUEL Allowlist: Secures future purchase rights for NFTDUEL cards.
  • XANA Wearables: Diverse fashion elements for your metaverse avatar.
  • XENY: Dedicated currency for acquiring assets in XANA Builder.

LAND Staking Rewards

  • XANA:Penpenz: Pioneering freemint Generative NFT.
  • XANA:Genesis: Sophisticated AI-based NFT companion for the Metaverse.
  • XANA:Genesis Animation Plugin v1: Brings AI NFTs to life with animations.
  • XANA:Sneakerz: Exclusive wearable specifically for LAND stakers.
  • NFTDUEL Cards (Single): Single gaming cards for use in NFTDUEL.
  • XANA Wearables: Fashionable accessories for the Metaverse.
  • XENY: The official currency for in-app acquisitions.

Note on Allowlists

  • Duplicated allowlists can be gifted or converted into XENY through the return system.

Comprehensive Understanding of Staking

Benefits of Staking

  • Unlocks a plethora of rewards across the XANA ecosystem, encompassing LAND, games, DeFi, NFTs, and other areas.

Staking Procedure

  • Initiate staking by logging into the XANA website.

Phased Rewards System

  • Benefit from escalating rewards and advantages across various staking phases.

Detailed Staking Periods

Campaign Period

  • Participate in staking throughout the campaign, with tickets accumulated every 24 hours.

Join Raffle Period

  • Use collected tickets to enter the raffle within a 48-hour window.

Reward Distribution

  • Raffle winners are entitled to claim their staking rewards and tax bonuses, except for LAND Staking.

Flexibility in Staking

  • Options to unstake are available at any point during the cycle.
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Table of contents