Technology Meets Art: CAFAIC and XANA’s Visionary Seminar

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A Milestone Event in Beijing: The Fusion of Creativity and Innovation

On September 28, 2023, Beijing transformed into a hub of artistic and technological synergy. The “Fusion of Technology and Art: A Glimpse into the Future” seminar, co-hosted by CAFAIC and XANA, marked a significant moment in the blending of these two realms.

Distinguished Guests Share Their Wisdom

The seminar was elevated by the presence of Mr. Wood, a celebrated metaverse artist from Germany, and metaverse education experts Ms. Yu and Ms. Gao. Their shared experiences and insights provided a rich tapestry of knowledge for all attendees.

Exploring Cutting-Edge Artistic Techniques

At the heart of the seminar was the exploration of advanced art techniques like Parametric Design and AI in art creation. The AI agent process was a focal point, illustrating a streamlined path for artists from concept to completion.

Insightful Analysis on the Future of Metaverse Education

Ms. Gao captivated the audience with her in-depth analysis of metaverse education’s future, outlining its potential trajectory and impact.

XANA China’s Support Brings Together Top Minds

With XANA China’s support, the event drew educators and students from China’s leading institutions, fostering discussions on the integration of technology, art, and education.

Packed Venue Reflects Seminar’s Impact

The seminar’s success was evident in the packed venue, with attendees benefiting greatly from the rich content and discussions.

Join the Movement Towards a Creative Utopia

XANA China commits to continual investment in education, aspiring to create an international platform for AI and metaverse integration. This vision aims to provide exceptional educational resources to a global audience.

Be Part of the XANADU Vision

Join us in advancing towards humanity’s utopia — XANADU. Embrace the fusion of technology and art, and be a part of this revolutionary journey.

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Table of contents