XANA Festival 5.0 @Amazon Music Studio Tokyo: A New Era of Music Events

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Event Overview

XANA Festival 5.0, following the successful XANA Festival 4.0, is set to take place at Amazon Music Studio Tokyo on June 26th, 2023. This event marks a significant milestone in the fusion of real-world and metaverse experiences in the music industry.

Unmissable Features

  • Debut Performance: A live debut by a new group produced by XANA.
  • Special Guests: The event will host an array of extraordinary guests, promising a memorable experience.
  • Innovative Format: Blending real-world and metaverse elements, this event is set to revolutionize music entertainment.

Event Significance

  • Industry Impact: XANA Festival 5.0 is a pivotal event driving the mass adoption of the XANA platform and reshaping the music industry.
  • Future of Music Events: Each iteration of XANA Festival promises new surprises and innovations, continually elevating the experience.

Event Details

  • Event Name: XANA Festival 5.0
  • Date and Time: June 26, 2023, starting at 7:30 PM (Japan time)
  • Physical Venue: Amazon Music Studio Tokyo (Invitation only) at 1-4F Top Hill Jinnan Building, 1-6-9 Jinnan, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
  • Metaverse Venue: Accessible in the XANA App

Joining the Metaverse Venue

Steps to Join via XANA APP

  1. Download the App: Ensure your device meets the necessary specifications. Download Information.
  2. Join the Festival: Access the event through the XANA App. English Access, Japanese Access.

Note: There will be no festival access via browser. Enjoy the event through the mobile app, YouTube LIVE, and Twitter LIVE!

Additional Live Streaming Platforms

XANA Festival 5.0 is not just an event; it’s a revolutionary step towards a new era of music entertainment, blending the real and virtual worlds seamlessly.

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Table of contents