XETA & LAND Staking (Cycle 26) is Starting!

Hey there, XANA Community! We’re excited to announce the beginning of XETA & LAND Staking (Cycle 26). Here’s all you need to know about the schedule, rewards, and the process of staking!

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Staking Schedule: Mark Your Calendars!

  • Campaign Period: Starting from 10.28 at 12:00 until 11.10 at 12:00 UTC.
  • Join Ruffle Period: From 11.10 at 12:00 to 11.12 at 12:00 UTC.

How to Stake: Step-by-Step Guides

Staking Site:

Exciting Rewards Awaiting You:

  • $XETA Staking Rewards:

    1. XANA Festival Tickets: VIP access to the “Real x Metaverse” event.
    2. XANA: Land (Common): Build, rent, trade, and stake with this rare NFT.
    3. XANA: Genesis: Advanced AI-based NFT partner in the Metaverse.
    4. NFTDUEL Genesis Card (Ultraman): A special card for NFTDUEL enthusiasts.
    5. BreakingDown Avatar NFT: Unique generative NFT with 5,000 pieces.
    6. XANA: Genesis – Voice Plugin: Enhances interaction with AI Genesis.
    7. NFTDUEL Booster: Levels up cards in NFTDUEL.
    8. NFTDUEL CryptoNinja (Single): Experience a unique NFT trading card game.
    9. Xeny ($5): In-game currency within the XANA ecosystem.
  • LAND Staking Rewards:

    1. BreakingDown Tickets: VIP access to the popular event “BreakingDown.”
    2. BreakingDown Land (Common): A highly valued NFT in the XANA ecosystem.
    3. XANA: Penpenz: A collaborative generative NFT with CryptoNinja.
    4. Rooster Fighter NFT: Unique combinations from chicken fighter parts.
    5. XANA:Genesis – Animation Plugin: Brings animated emotions to AI Genesis.
    6. Xeny ($100): Versatile in-game currency.
    7. XANA:Sneakerz: Exclusive Metaverse wearable items.
    8. XANA Wearables: Original XANA brand accessories and apparel.
    9. NFTDUEL Penpenz (Single): A unique combination of XANA’s penguin and CryptoNinja.

Understanding Staking: 

Staking allows users to lock in their XETA tokens and LAND to reap benefits across the XANA ecosystem, including LAND, games, DeFi, NFTs, and brand apps. Staking is simple: visit our website, log in, and start your journey. The rewards grow with your staked tokens, offering exciting benefits as we move through the staking phases.

Staking Periods Detailed:

  • Campaign Period: 

  • A 13-day period where staking is possible, with TICKET EARNED updates every 24 hours.
  • Join Raffle Period:


  • A 2-day window to participate in the “JOIN RAFFLE” in exchange for tickets from staking.
  • Announcement of Reward Release:

  •  Post-lottery results, claim your “STAKING REWARD” and “TAX BONUS (excludes LAND Staking).”

Remember, you can unstack your stakes anytime!

Join us in this thrilling staking journey and unlock the numerous rewards waiting in the XANA ecosystem!

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Table of contents