XANA x Major Exchanges AMA Roadshow: Revolutionizing Japanese AI and Metaverse

Table of contents

Introduction to the Event

The Fusion of AI, Web3, and Metaverse

  • Focus on AI: AI emerges as a hot trend in the industry, with XANA at the forefront.
  • Combination of Technologies: XANA integrates Web3, AI, and the Metaverse with the tokenomics of $XETA.
  • Collaboration with Major Exchanges: Showcasing XANA’s potential in partnership with leading crypto exchanges.

Schedule of AMA Sessions

Upcoming AMA Events

  • KUCOIN: Scheduled for February 7th at 10 AM UTC.
  • Gate.io: Happening on February 13th.
  • OKX: Date to be announced.
  • Additional Sessions: More AMAs are in the pipeline.

Discussion Topics

Key Points of Discussion

  1. XANA Metaverse x AI NFT Entity: Recognized as an official entity by Japan’s local government, achieving 18x growth since its inception.
  2. $XETA in AI x Metaverse: Utilizing $XETA within the AI x Metaverse ecosystem for essential tools in daily life.
  3. Major NFT Launch: XANA to roll out Japan’s largest free mint for AI x Metaverse-utilized NFTs on February 25th.
  4. Exclusive AMA Rewards: Offering 20x AL spots for each AMA participant.
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Table of contents