“XANA: Genesis Customization via Genesis Rebirth: A Step-by-Step Guide”

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Introduction to Genesis Rebirth

Understanding Genesis Rebirth

  • Purpose: Customizing XANA: Genesis NFTs.
  • Prerequisites: Ownership of XANA: Genesis NFTs.

Customization Steps

Step 1: Selecting XANA: Genesis NFT

  • Requirement: XANA: Genesis NFT must be in the user’s address.
  • Process: Select from the dropdown menu.

Step 2: Choosing Rebirth Type

  • Selection: Different attributes available under “Rebirth Type”.
  • Guidance: Follow instructions in the provided attachment.

Step 3: Clothing Customization

  • Options: “Change only Metadata” or “Burn current NFT and MINT new”.
  • Change Only Metadata: Alters attributes as per Rebirth Type selection.
  • Burn and Mint New: Replaces current NFT with a newly minted one.

Step 4: Submitting Selections

  • Action: Click “Submit” to initiate the transaction process.

Step 5: Shuffle All Rebirth Type

  • Choice: Select either method as per preference.
  • Reference: Check the attached guide for detailed instructions.

Step 6: Partial Change

  • Attributes Selection: Choose specific attributes like “Body”, “Eyes”, “Hair”.
  • Action Selection: “Shuffle” for certain attributes, “Shuffle or Delete” for accessories.

Step 7: No Change Rebirth Type

  • Method: Mandatory to select “Burn Current NFT and MINT new”.

Step 8: Burning and Minting New NFT

  • Procedure: Use Rebirth claim form, select the same NFT, and proceed with the transaction.
  • Claim Link: Rebirth Claim Form.
  • Chain: Ethereum chain for claiming.

Claiming Process

Claiming Burn and Mint NFT

  • Balance: Ensure sufficient Ethereum balance for the claiming process.
  • Selection: Choose the Genesis NFT applied for “Burn and Mint” and claim.


  • Verification: Check the newly minted XANA Genesis NFT in the “Owned” tab of XANALIA.

Important Notes

Limitations and Constraints

  1. Restriction on Burn & Mint:
    • Not applicable for Genesis NFTs under lock or Land Staking. Only metadata changes allowed.
  2. Set Customization:
    • Hair accessory changes mandated with clothing alterations if they form a set.
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Table of contents