“Corporate Collaboration® T-shirts” NFT Drop: Blending Real and Virtual Fashion with XANA and AEON

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“Corporate Collaboration® T-Shirt” NFT Sale Details and Schedule

The sale will be divided into an “AL Sale” and a “Public Sale.”

  1. Only those who have the Allow List (hereafter referred to as AL) for the “Corporate Collaboration® T-Shirt” NFT are eligible to participate in the AL Sale.
  2. The Public Sale is open to anyone.


  1. Types of Sales and Eligibility

    • AL Sale: Limited to those who have the AL for the “Corporate Collaboration® T-Shirt” NFT.
    • Public Sale: Open to anyone.
  2. Schedule

    • AL Winner Confirmation: Available for confirmation now
    • AL Sale: February 9th, 21:00 to 22:00 (Japan Time)
    • Public Sale: February 9th, 22:00 to February 10th, 22:00 (Japan Time)
  3. Sale Details and Price

    • Sale Price: 450 XETA (the same for both AL Sale and Public Sale)
    • Number of NFTs for Sale: 180 NFTs (18 designs)
    • Sale in XETA only (gas fees apply separately)
  4. Sales Site and Official Collection Link

  5. Purchase Manuals

  6. Notices and Disclaimers

    • Please check your wallet address and balance for the purchase in advance.
    • Purchasing is recommended to be done on a desktop PC. There may be connection issues on mobile.
    • If the planned number of NFTs (180 NFTs) sells out, the sale will end at that point. (If sold out during the AL Sale, the Public Sale will not be held.)
    • We do not support changes to wallet addresses or compensation after the sale ends.
    • It may take up to 24 hours for the NFT to be reflected as “owned” in XANA NFT.
    • If you have any questions or problems, please contact customer support.
  7. Additional Information

    • The implementation of NFT utility for avatars in the XANA application is planned for the second to third quarter of 2024.
    • Secondary trading of NFTs will be conducted on XANA NFT.

Please participate in the “Corporate Collaboration® T-Shirt” NFT Sale.

Do not miss this valuable opportunity for the “Corporate Collaboration® T-Shirt” NFT sale.
Please read the notices and disclaimers carefully before participating.

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Table of contents