XANALIA Hosts World’s First NFT ART Award: A Leap Forward for Digital Art

XANALIA, in partnership with Japanese companies like Pony Canyon Planning Inc., Fujiland Corporation Inc., and Fuji Creative Corporation, Inc., is pioneering the “XANALIA NFT ART AWARD 2021.” This global award is a groundbreaking initiative to discover and support emerging NFT artists worldwide.

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Mission Behind NFT ART Award Competition

The XANALIA NFT ART Award 2021 aims to celebrate the diverse talents of NFT artists, from novices to seasoned professionals. Artists globally are encouraged to participate, regardless of their background, and showcase their creativity in various digital art forms.

Categories of Arts for NFT ART Award Submission

Artists can submit their works in various digital formats, including:

  • Music Videos: Transform your musical talents into NFTs.
  • Short Films: Digitize your cinematic creations for blockchain.
  • Memes: Turn popular culture into NFT art.
  • Images: Showcase digital photography as NFTs.
  • GIF: Create and sell unique GIFs as NFTs.

*Accepted artwork formats include 2D, 3D, VR, and videos (up to 10 seconds).

Event Flow Details

Artists should submit their works via an application form. Selected artworks, up to 1,000 pieces, will be showcased on the XANALIA website and NFT marketplace. These works will be auctioned and judged, with the top 100 featured in a special virtual reality gallery in XANALIA.

Artwork Display In Metaverse

In partnership with Fuji, XANA will host a Metaverse exhibition for nominated NFTs. This integration offers unique use cases for NFTs on XANALIA as wearable digital assets for metaverse avatars.

Prizes For Winners of Award Competition

The top three winners, announced in early March 2022, will receive:

  1. Gold Award: $10,000
  2. Silver Award: $5,000
  3. Bronze Award: $3,000

The jury comprises esteemed art and design experts, including KANA KAWANISHI, JUNKO KURODA, KOSUKE TSUMURA, ASAKO TSUJI, and JUNYA YAMAMINE.

Why Apply For The XANALIA NFT ART Award 2021 Competition?

Participating in this award provides artists with extensive exposure, networking opportunities, and the chance to win significant cash prizes. It’s an excellent platform for artists to gain recognition and progress in their careers.

Eligibility and Terms

  • Your artwork must be original and not copyrighted by third parties.
  • The copyrights of “nominated works” remain with the authors, but the Executive Committee may use them for promotional activities.
  • “Nominated works” will be minted as NFTs on the blockchain, displayed on XANALIA, and sold through auctions. Artists receive a stipulated royalty from sales.

Don’t miss this opportunity to be part of a groundbreaking event in the NFT world. Apply now and take your artistic journey to the next level with XANALIA NFT ART Award 2021!

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Table of contents