About the Skateboarding Metaverse NFT

XANA, powered by NOBORDER.z FZE, is bringing the thrill of skateboarding into the virtual world with an exclusive NFT collection of skateboards. These unique items, crafted in collaboration with the renowned graffiti artist Morita Manabu Wood, will be more than just digital collectibles. Avatars in the XANA Metaverse will be able to ride these skateboards, adding a dynamic layer of street culture to the virtual experience.

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About the Collaborators

Morita Manabu Wood is celebrated for his vibrant and free-spirited street art, which has captivated both the young and the young at heart. His designs, known for their playful style, have garnered significant attention, including from notable brands like Fuji.

ZETA Inc. specializes in blending media, design, data, and technology, offering unique services to the action sports and street culture scenes. Their expertise in transcending traditional frameworks is a key component of this collaboration.

STYLUS Inc. focuses on returning value directly to creators and users, producing art in a comprehensive manner. They will supervise the project and contribute to content production.

FINEPLAY, a leading Internet media platform, provides extensive coverage on action sports and street culture. It distributes news and video content through various channels, including “SPORTS BULL” and “Yahoo! News.”

XANA Coming With a Powerful Metaverse

XANA is an NFT-based Metaverse platform, renowned for its collaborations with significant entities like the Koto Heartfull Museum, Milan Fashion Week, and popular characters such as ULTRAMAN and Astro Boy. It is a comprehensive platform offering diverse products, services, and technologies for engaging activities within the Metaverse.

Bringing Street Culture to the Virtual World

This collaboration aims to infuse the Metaverse with the essence of street culture, symbolized by the freedom and creativity of skateboarding. The skateboard NFTs, available on XANALIA, XANA’s next-generation NFT marketplace, will not only serve as collectibles but also as functional items within the XANA Metaverse.

Stay updated on this exciting integration of skateboarding culture into the virtual realm by following XANA’s official Twitter and Telegram channels. Get ready to ride the digital waves on a skateboard in the XANA Metaverse!

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Table of contents