XANASis – Real x Metaverse Idol Group bringing Tradition to XANA

XANA, at the forefront of Web 3.0 technology, proudly introduces its new idol group, XANASis. This group is set to captivate audiences both in reality and the metaverse, building on the legacy of XANA’s AI partner, XANA: Genesis.

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Introducing XANASis

Group Composition

  • Notable Influencers: Airi Hirase and Rea Hanasaki, boasting over 3 million social media followers, are the prominent members of XANASis.
  • Future Additions: Plans for new members to join and enhance the group’s dynamic.
  • Dual World Performances: XANASis will showcase their talent in both the real world and the XANA Metaverse.

Impact on Entertainment

  • Debut Performance: Following their live debut at XANA Fest 5.0, they are set to create a significant impact.
  • Original Music Production: Their original songs are anticipated to generate buzz across social media platforms.
  • Cultural Influence: Embracing the “KAWAII” culture, they aim to attract fans globally and introduce them to the XANA Metaverse.

Connect with XANASis Members

Social Media Profiles

XANASis is poised to blend traditional idol elements with the cutting-edge features of the Metaverse, offering a unique and immersive entertainment experience to fans worldwide.

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Table of contents