A Revolutionary Partnership: NOBORDER.z FZE and Bybit

NOBORDER.z FZE, led by CEO RIO TAKESHI KUBO, has collaborated with Bybit, one of the largest crypto asset exchanges globally, to launch an unprecedented NFT sale. This partnership marks a significant milestone in the NFT realm, especially with the “ULTRAMAN” NFTs, created by Eiichi Shimizu and Tomohiro Shimoguchi and published by Heroes Inc., being utilized in the NFT game “NFTDUEL” within the XANA metaverse.

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Spectacular Success of ULTRAMAN NFTs

The “ULTRAMAN” NFTs experienced an overwhelming response, with 20,000 NFTs (equivalent to 4,000 packs) selling out in a mere 10 seconds. This rapid sale, amounting to 25.6 million Japanese yen, stands as one of Bybit’s most remarkable achievements in NFT sales. In just two days, secondary distribution skyrocketed, reaching over 60 million yen.

Exclusive Features of the Sold-Out NFTs

These unique NFTs offered a higher rarity than regular NFT packs planned for future release from XANA. They included top-tier, highly sought-after NFT packs, currently trading between 60,000 to 3 million yen on XANALIA, XANA’s NFT marketplace. The exclusive “Genesis Card” series, specifically for Bybit, had a 1% inclusion chance, contributing to the instantaneous sell-out and excitement within the community.

Statements from XANA and Bybit

XANA, celebrating this collaboration, emphasized the successful integration of Japanese IP into the metaverse through innovative methods, acknowledging Bybit’s popularity and influence in the crypto industry. Bybit, reciprocating the sentiment, recognized XANA’s community-focused approach and its proficiency in transforming compelling IPs into metaverse content. Both parties expressed enthusiasm for future collaborations.

About “ULTRAMAN” (Shimizu Eiichi x Shimoguchi Tomohiro)

“ULTRAMAN,” a renowned manga by Eiichi Shimizu and Tomohiro Shimoguchi, continues the legacy of the iconic TV drama “Ultraman” by Tsuburaya Productions. Translated into 11 languages with over 4 million copies in circulation, it has captivated a global audience. The manga’s 3DCG anime adaptation, launched on Netflix in April 2019, reached the top of Netflix Japan’s “What’s Hot? 2019: Top 10 Most Watched Anime” list. Season 2, released in April 2022, continues to garner worldwide acclaim.

Conclusion: Pioneering the NFT Market with Japanese Creativity

The success of the ULTRAMAN NFTs, a harmonious blend of Japanese art and modern technology, not only sets new records but also opens doors for innovative collaborations in the metaverse. As we witness this new era of digital collectibles, stay tuned for more groundbreaking developments and opportunities to engage with unique NFTs.

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Table of contents