Aiming for Regional Rebuilding and Promoting Japan’s Global Appeal

NOBORDER.z FZE, led by CEO RIO TAKESHI KUBO, and operating the XANA metaverse, has embarked on an ambitious partnership with Binance, the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange. This collaboration includes major players like Tezuka Co., JTB Corporation, JCB Corporation, and J&J Business Creation Inc. The partnership marks the release of the “ASTROBOY x JAPAN (Local Atom) NFT”, a unique NFT game card series aimed at regional development.

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About ASTROBOY x JAPAN (Local Atom) NFT

This innovative NFT project synergizes Tezuka Productions’ globally recognized manga and anime content with the JTB Group’s vast network of tourism resources, XANA’s metaverse capabilities, and NFT games. The initiative focuses on revitalizing the regional economy and domestic tourism market, severely impacted by the pandemic. Tottori Prefecture’s Governor, Shinji Hirai, has announced their participation in this groundbreaking project, marking a historic collaboration between a local government and an NFT game in Japan.

Details of the NFT Sale

The launch encompasses various NFT card sales across platforms:

  • Binance NFT
    • Sale Date: 2022/05/05
    • Sale Card: Normal card
    • Sale Price: 4 BUSD
  • Galler NFT
    • Sale Date: 2022/05/05
    • Sale Card: Normal card
    • Sale Price: 4 BUSD
    • Scheduled Sale Date: 2022/05/02 – 05/05
    • Sale Card: Genesis Card (First sale Limited edition)
    • Sale Price: 0.6 ETH

The Binance NFT platform will spearhead the sale with 20,000 regular NFT cards through pre-registration sales. Galler, a Binance Group company, will offer 5,000 regular NFT cards for direct purchase. Additionally, XANA’s NFT marketplace, XANALIA, will release 2,100 limited edition Genesis NFT cards, followed by regular NFT cards, all available through pre-registration sales. Binance NFT will also feature special NFTs sold via a “staking page” as a major event.

The ASTROBOY x JAPAN NFT project, in a significant move towards social responsibility, pledges to allocate part of its revenue for revitalizing post-corona inbound tourism. Additionally, it supports the 「Binance Lunch For Children」 program by Binance, a noble initiative delivering meals to children in countries affected by hunger.

First Collaboration Region: Tottori Prefecture

In an unprecedented collaboration within Japan, Tottori Prefecture takes the lead in regional promotion, focusing on space industry enhancement. Tottori, renowned as “Hoshitori Prefecture” for its clear starry skies, will showcase its breathtaking landscapes, rich culture, and culinary delights, blending these with modern technology.

About Astro Boy

“Astro Boy,” the creation of legendary Japanese cartoonist Osamu Tezuka, is a globally celebrated manga. Set in the 21st-century future, it narrates the adventures of Atom, a powerful and benevolent robot boy. His story, resonating with love and heroism, has won hearts worldwide.

About Tezuka Productions

Osamu Tezuka founded Tezuka Productions in 1968, a company that has given the world iconic manga and animations. It is known for masterpieces like “Astro Boy,” “The Bird of Fire,” and “Black Jack.” Beyond production, the company also manages the Osamu Tezuka Memorial Museum, preserving the legacy of its founder.

About J&J Business Creation Inc.

This joint venture combines the strengths of JTB Corporation and JCB Corporation (JCB), creating a powerhouse for innovative project development. J&J Business Creation Inc. focuses on pioneering projects that leverage the vast resources of both entities.

Conclusion: Merging Cultural Heritage with Modern Technology

The ASTROBOY x JAPAN NFT project exemplifies a perfect synergy of cultural heritage, modern technology, and social responsibility. By integrating the charm of Tottori Prefecture and the timeless appeal of Astro Boy, this project not only supports regional economies but also contributes to a global cause. Join this innovative journey and be a part of history in the making.

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Table of contents