Rooster Fighter NFT: An Unprecedented Manga Work Turned into Metaverse-Compatible Avatar NFT

Developed by NOBORDER.z, the XANA Metaverse and XANALIA NFT Marketplace have introduced a significant milestone in the NFT world. Collaborating with Heroes, Inc., they’ve launched an avatar NFT adaptation of the manga “Rooster Fighter.” This unique NFT, compatible with the Metaverse, has set a record with initial sales of 100 million yen (approximately 267 ETH). This impressive feat is further bolstered by XANA’s collaboration with OKX, the world’s second-largest cryptocurrency exchange.

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Rooster Fighter NFT Witnesses Largest First-time Sale Ever

“ROOSTER FIGHTER” is a manga that explores the unique theme of “A rooster saving mankind in rooster battle action!” Recognizing the potential of its quirky characters and setting, XANA quickly moved to adapt the manga into an NFT version as soon as its first volume was released in Japan. After extensive deliberation on how to translate this innovative content into an NFT suitable for the Metaverse era, XANA achieved a remarkable feat.

Innovative NFT Development by XANA

In addition to creating a Profile Avatar (PFP), which is a current standard in the NFT world, XANA has innovatively expanded its scope. They developed:

  • Metaverse-Compatible Avatars: These avatars are designed to be compatible with the Metaverse, offering an immersive and engaging experience for the users.
  • Unique Digital Collectibles: XANA has successfully transformed the engaging content of “Rooster Fighter” into digital collectibles, capturing the essence of the manga in the virtual world.
  • Innovative Approach to NFTs: By integrating manga content into the NFT space, XANA has showcased an innovative approach to digital collectibles, setting new standards in the NFT industry.

Ending Note

The launch of the Rooster Fighter NFT by XANA is not just a milestone in NFT sales but also a testament to the evolving landscape of digital art and entertainment. By turning a unique manga concept into a Metaverse-compatible avatar, XANA has opened new avenues for the integration of popular culture and blockchain technology.

  • Explore the New Era of NFTs: Discover more about XANA’s innovative approach to NFTs and Metaverse avatars on the XANALIA NFT Marketplace and experience the digital transformation of manga into the world of blockchain.
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Table of contents