XANA Metaverse Event: Winner Selection and Notification

Thank you to the entire Metaverse family for your enthusiastic participation. We will soon conduct a drawing to select winners, who will be notified via email. Winners can purchase NFTs at XANALIA using their whitelisted wallet or email address. Don’t miss out on this exclusive URL for purchase: XANALIA NFT Purchase.

Important Dates and Times

  • White Pre-order Sales End: March 22, 12:00 Taiwan time
  • General Sales Start: March 22, 19:00 Taiwan time
  • For detailed purchase instructions, please visit XANALIA Manual.
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Conditions for Participation and NFT Benefits


  • White List winners must complete purchases by 15:00 Taiwan time on March 22. Failure to do so will result in forfeiture of the right, with unclaimed tickets moving to general sales starting at 19:00 Taiwan time.
  • Note: NFTs act as admission tickets and are non-tradable until after the event and distribution of special rewards.

NFT Uniqueness

  • Each NFT, randomly selected from 100 different patterns, will include unique voice messages from Shinnosuke Tachibana, recorded on the day of the event. This personalization ensures no two NFTs are alike.

Metaverse Event Participation Guide

If Purchased via Email and Credit Card

  • No need for XANALIA App.
  • Download XANA Metaverse App, log in with XANALIA account info. This helps XANA recognize your NFTs.

If Purchased through a Wallet in XANALIA

  • Use Metamask to purchase NFTs.
  • Download and log into the XANALIA App using your wallet address and private key. Remember, never share your private key!
  • Next, use the XANA Metaverse App for event access.

For Both User Types

  • Choose an avatar and select “Shinnosuke Tachibana Metaverse Meetup” from the app’s worlds.
  • Test access prior to the event. For assistance, contact XANA’s Discord support channel.

Streaming for Non-Metaverse Viewers

  • NFT ticket holders can also join the fan meeting via streaming services. Streaming URL and instructions will be emailed three days before the event.

Detailed Schedule (Taiwan Time)

  • 3/21 01:00: White list registrants start purchasing
  • 3/22 15:00: Purchase deadline for whitelist registrants
  • 3/22 19:00: General sales begin
  • 3/24 12:00: General sales end
  • 3/25 TBD: Test viewing email sent
  • 3/27 19:00: Event begins

Stay Informed and Safe

  • Engage with our multilingual Discord and Telegram communities for assistance and information. Beware of fake staff members in DMs; never share personal information. Public queries are safer.

Join our Discord Community here and connect on Telegram in English, Japanese, Chinese, or Korean for the latest updates and support.

Embrace this unique experience with XANA Metaverse and be a part of the pioneering virtual event. Your participation is valuable to us!

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Table of contents