WebTVAsia Joins Forces with XANA Metaverse

XANA, under the leadership of CEO Rio Takeshi Kubo, has proudly announced a groundbreaking partnership with WebTVAsia. This collaboration aims to transform the landscape of Metaverse content creation for over 3,000 renowned YouTubers. As a multi-channel network experiencing rapid growth, WebTVAsia is set to leverage XANA’s Metaverse and NFT services to foster a new era in the creative economy, particularly in the short video domain.

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XANA: A Hub for Iconic Collaborations

XANA is a Metaverse project that stands out for its high-profile partnerships, including those with “ULTRAMAN”, “Astro Boy”, and “Rooster Fighter”. The project is supported by prominent Japanese corporations like Tezuka Productions, Fuji TV, JCB, and JTB. With a burgeoning community of over 100,000 pre-orders and members globally, XANA is gearing up for a public opening in March.

WebTVAsia’s Metaverse Ambitions with XANA

WebTVAsia, known for its impressive growth in digital media entertainment across Asia, is joining hands with XANA. This YouTube-certified multi-channel network boasts an impressive array of creators, generating 6.5 billion monthly traffic and a subscriber base of 772 million globally. Its collaboration with XANA aims to showcase the finest Asian creative talent on an international stage.

Enhancing Creator-Fan Connections

The partnership between WebTVAsia and XANA focuses on deepening the bond between creators and their fans. It will empower YouTubers to craft their virtual worlds, host diverse events in the Metaverse, and venture into NFT creation. With XANA, every Metaverse asset, including land, avatars, and attire, can be traded as NFTs on the XANALIA marketplace, further enriching the digital experience.

XANA’s Metaverse: A New Creative Economy

XANA Metaverse, developed by NOBORDER.z, is an Ethereum sidechain specifically designed for the Metaverse. Its collaborations span various sectors, including the Tokyo Paralympics, Milan Fashion Week, and more. XANA is poised to become a leader in the Metaverse industry, offering a wealth of products, services, and technologies for diverse activities within its virtual world.

The Metaverse Race: XANA’s Pioneering Role

XANA is setting the stage for a new paradigm in the internet’s creative economy through its partnership with WebTVAsia and GALAXY FLAME LTD. As it forges ahead with more collaborations, XANA promises a rich virtual life and income-generating opportunities within its Metaverse. For the latest updates, keep an eye on XANA’s social media channels.

Stay connected with XANA Metaverse for groundbreaking developments in virtual content creation and experience the future of the creative economy!

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Table of contents