XANA’s Weekly Development Progress: Pushing the Boundaries of User Experience | 24 June – 30 June

Weekly Development Update
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XANA’s Unwavering Progress: Enhancing the Metaverse Experience

Overview of This Week’s Achievements

This week, XANA’s Development Team continued to excel, focusing on user experience enhancements, resolving issues, and implementing exciting new features across various projects.

XANA NFT: A New Milestone in Digital Assets

BreakingDown Land: Successful Launch

  • Accomplishment: Successful sale of BreakingDown Land NFTs from the Launchpad.
  • Ongoing Effort: Addressing issues with incorrect transaction data to ensure accuracy and reliability.

NFTDUEL: Big IPs Enter the Metaverse

Bronze League Preparations

  • Ongoing Effort: Setting up the Bronze League 1 with a consistent LP of 200 for every player at the start.

FUEL Distribution Mechanism

  • Ongoing Effort: Distributing 42 FUEL for 70 duels per player in the League, with wallet application for advanced access.

XANA: Genesis AI Mascot Upgrade

Personalization of Genesis AI

  • Ongoing Effort: Introducing custom personalities to Genesis for a more personalized user experience.

XANA App: The Gateway to XANA’s Universe

Upcoming Features

  • Multi-World Access: A new feature to explore multiple worlds simultaneously.
  • Reality Show Assets: Enhancing animation and voice quality for the upcoming Reality Show.
  • XANA Lobby: Awaiting introduction to offer engaging content during waiting times.

XANA Browser Version: Authentic Metaverse Experience on Web

Quality Improvements

  • Accomplishment: Significant enhancements to ensure a smooth and consistent user experience.

XANA Web: Centralizing XANA’s Offerings

UI/UX Improvements

  • Accomplishment: Improved user interface and experience for better accessibility and efficiency.

XANA Builder: Empowering Creativity

Bug Fixes and Optimizations

  • Accomplishment: Addressed issues to facilitate uninterrupted creative expression in the metaverse.

Artificial Intelligence: Fueling XANA’s Ecosystem

AI Integration with XANA Builder

  • Ongoing Effort: Advanced collaboration to create rich and detailed Worlds based on complex prompts.

2D to 3D Conversion

  • Ongoing Effort: Ensuring accurate asset conversion with Unity Team for a cohesive metaverse environment.

A Week of Significant Advancements

The XANA Development Team’s efforts this week have significantly enhanced the platform’s user experience and introduced new features, continuously enriching the XANA ecosystem.

Call to Action

Join us in the evolving world of XANA, where cutting-edge technology and creativity merge to create an unparalleled metaverse experience. Be a part of our journey and witness the weekly progress that shapes the future of digital interaction. Stay tuned for more exciting updates next week!

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Table of contents