XANA’s $100K Metaverse Game Contest: A New Era in Web 3.0 Gaming

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XANA Ignites a Gaming Revolution with a Massive $100,000 Contest

Introduction to XANA’s Gaming Innovation

XANA is pioneering the future of gaming by making game creation accessible to all, without the need for advanced programming or 3D design skills. This is facilitated through the innovative XANA Builder tool. To further encourage and showcase this capability, XANA is hosting a large-scale game competition with a staggering total prize pool of $100,000.

Empowering Creators through XANA’s MetaVerse School

XANA’s commitment to empowering individuals extends to education. The MetaVerse School on Discord provides free resources to master the XANA Builder, enabling users to harness the power of Web 3.0 and earn while enjoying the creative process.

Competition Structure and Categories

Objectives and Categories

  • Creator Category: Aiming to increase the number of game creators and interesting games.
  • Promoter Category: Focused on driving more players to games created with XANA Builder.
  • Player Category: Seeking valuable feedback to refine future game creations.


Creation Period July 15th ~ August 14th (UTC)
※World editing is still allowed after August 15th.
Promotion Period July 15th ~ August 30th (UTC)
Play Period August 15th ~ August 30th (UTC)
Application Deadlines (Creator) August 14th (UTC)
Application Deadlines (Promoter and Player) August 30th (UTC)
Overall Review August 31th- September 12th (UTC)
Announcement of winners September 13th (UTC)

Prize Pool

1st total prize pool $ 10,000(XETA)
Creator Category $ 5000(XETA)
Promoter Category $ 2000(XETA)
Player Category $ 3000(XETA)

Application form

Utilize the same form for Creator, Promoter, and Player categories: XANA Game Competition Application Form.

Community Engagement and Sharing

Share your game competition posts on Discord for visibility and engagement. XANA encourages sharing through its official channels: ?|game-post-share

List of worlds applied for in the Creator Category (added on August 16)

For the list of worlds applied in the Creator Category, please refer to the following article.

XANA Game Competition (1st) Entry World List

1. Creator Category

Prize Pool

Gold (5 works) $550(XETA)/ 1 work
Silver (5 works) $300(XETA)/ 1 work
Bronze (5 works) $150(XETA)/ 1 work

Application method

  • Create a World with game elements in XANA Builder and publish it within the creation period.
  • Enter the world information for the contest in the application form and apply.

※Please rate all “Player” feedback for the worlds you have submitted. (Please judge the value of the feedback content and give points from 1 to 10 for each.)
We will give you a feedback list on August 31st, so please return your grades by September 7th. (If there is no score reply, the World may not be eligible for the Creator category award.)

Judging method

  • Judges + number of people playing (1 time per person) x time spent (max. 10 minutes per person) *If these features are developed in time
  • Multiple games can be submitted
  • Work in the competition are not eligible for XANADAO MVP selection. Normal builders are eligible for that
  • No duplication of rewards by the same person
    *In the case of multiple entries, the one with the best result will be considered for the award, and even if the other entry is selected for the award, it will not be considered for the award, and subsequent entries will be moved up in the order of the best result.

※The campaign is not limited to LAND holders, so people who do not hold LAND can also publish during the campaign period.

2. Promoter Category

Prize Pool

Gold Twitter $200(XETA)x 3
TikTok $200(XETA)x 3
Silver Twitter $100(XETA)x 3
TikTok $100(XETA)x 3
Bronze Twitter $50(XETA)x 2
TikTok $50(XETA)x 2

Application method

  • Please post about the published World on Twitter and TikTok. (Worlds with all published, including worlds created prior to the start of the competition, are eligible.)
  • Spreading the word about the game competition itself is also eligible. In this case, please be sure to include a link to this blog or quote and retweet the game competition’s official account’s tweet. Also, at least 70% of the submissions should be promotional posts for the world.
  • Basically, videos of play (especially actual videos) are encouraged
  • Hashtag = #XANA #XANAGame #Metaverse #Web3gaming #Competition
  • Enter the Twitter and TikTok posting URLs in the application form and apply. (Please fill in separately for live video and other posts.).

※For Twitter, quoted retweets are included. Comments on other user posts will not be considered. (Only the content of the post URL is counted for your own account.)

Judging Method

  • Point total during the period
  • Basically, videos of play (especially actual videos) are encouraged
  • Twitter and TikTok are separate
  • For each platform, the top 16 winners in total achieving 100,000 points or more will receive prizes

※Posts in the competition are not eligible for XANADAO MVP selection

▼Normal (Video or text)

Twitter 1 VIEW = 5 points
TikTok 1 VIEW = 10 points

▼Actual Video (Gameplay video)

Twitter 1 VIEW = 25 points
TikTok 1 VIEW = 50 points

3. Player Category

Prize Pool

100 players $30(XETA)

Application method

※The list of game worlds that have applied to participate in this contest will be announced on August 15.

  • Play the game that is participating in the contest and submit your feedback (good points/improvements) in the form.
  • If you use videos or images in your review, please include their URLs additionally.

Judging Method

  • The value of the feedback content will be evaluated (1 to 10) by the creator of the world that gave feedback, and judgment will be made based on the total score.

※Feedback that was not scored by the creator will be scored by the XANA Team.

XANA Builder


Windows : https://bit.ly/xanabuilderwin
Mac : https://bit.ly/xanabuildermac


EN : https://bit.ly/3BGZHC3
JP : https://bit.ly/3LChizP

▼Game Component Operation Manual
*Please check the game component type implemented in the XANA app in advance (details here)

Call to Action

Dive into the world of Web 3.0 gaming with XANA’s $100k Metaverse Game Contest. Unleash your creativity, share your unique creations, or engage as a player to shape the future of gaming. Join the revolution, participate in the contest, and be a part of the new era of gaming innovation. Download XANA Builder today and start your creative journey!

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