XANA Chain Goes Mainnet: Pioneering the Metaverse-Focused Public Chain


XANA Chain, a critical component of XANA’s advanced Web 3.0 metaverse infrastructure, is set to launch on the mainnet. This move heralds a significant step forward in leveraging AVALANCHE’s subnet technology, known for its robust security, to build a highly secure, fast, and environmentally friendly public chain for the metaverse.

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Launch of XANA Chain Mainnet

Groundbreaking Web 3.0 Infrastructure

  • Security and Efficiency: XANA Chain, known for its unmatched security and efficiency, has never been hacked since its inception.
  • Advantages: The chain is designed to be secure, fast, low-cost, and environmentally friendly.
  • Value Acceleration for XETA Tokens: The launch of the mainnet is expected to significantly enhance the value of XETA tokens.

Integrations and Operations on XANA Chain

Migration and Token Utility

  • Migration to XANA Chain: Key components like NFTDUEL, Staking, Vesting, select Land, and World features will be migrated to the XANA Chain.
  • XETA Token Utility: The following will utilize XETA tokens on the XANA Chain:
    • In-game consumption and rewards (designed to be non-inflatable).
    • Paid utilities in the metaverse.
    • Wearable NFTs.
    • Paid utilities in XANA: Genesis and other areas.

Deflation and Increased Token Value

  • Token Burning Mechanism: All XETA tokens spent as gas are set to burn, reducing the overall supply and potentially increasing the token’s value.
  • Enhanced Potential Value: As user engagement and token transactions in NFT, Metaverse, and gaming grow, XETA’s value is expected to rise.

XANA’s Vision for the Future

Pioneering the Metaverse Public Chain

  • A First in Metaverse Infrastructure: XANA Chain is the world’s first public chain specifically designed for the metaverse, poised to serve billions of users.
  • Central Role of XETA Tokens: As the main gas tokens of the XANA Chain, XETA tokens are integral to the functioning of this new infrastructure.

Upcoming Updates and Announcements

  • Migration and Bridge Process: Further announcements will detail the migration and bridge process as the transition to the mainnet progresses.
  • Stay Informed: Users are encouraged to stay updated on these crucial developments.

Join the Revolutionary Journey with XANA Chain

Be part of the exciting transition as XANA Chain goes mainnet, setting a new standard in Web 3.0 metaverse infrastructure. Embrace the future with XANA and watch as XETA tokens play a pivotal role in this groundbreaking ecosystem. Stay tuned for further updates and be a part of the world’s most used Web 3.0 metaverse!

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Table of contents