XETA One-Way-Bridge From Avalanche to XANAChain


Step 1: Go to the bridge site: ( https://xana.net/bridge/xeta ) and connect your wallet.

1. Click the Connect Wallet button above the footer or Connect Wallet icon in the top right corner.

2. Select the MetaMask (Connect to your MetaMask Wallet).

3. On “Signature request,” click the Sign button.

4. If the Wallet Address/Name gets displayed instead of the wallet icon, the Connection is established successfully. The “Wallet Connect” button turns into “Deposit.”

Step 2: Deposit XETA Token

1. Enter XETA Amount, 100 to 100000.
2. Click the Deposit button.

3. Confirm the Approve XETA Token Request

4. MetaMask opens automatically when you click the Confirm button.

5. After a successful transaction, the XETA fund gets deposited from Avalanche C-Chain to XANAChain.

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