XANA LAND Thumbnails: Visual Identification Made Easy

XANA introduces an image setting function to the Land Map, enhancing the user experience by allowing landowners to visually represent their land.

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Image Setup on Land Map

Step-by-Step Procedure

Accessing the Land Map:

  • Navigate to XANA’s top page, select ‘Land’ and then ‘Land Map’ from the left menu.

Connecting Your Wallet:

  • Click the wallet icon in the upper right corner to link the wallet that owns the land.

Selecting Your Land:

  • Your owned land will appear in the “OWNED LAND” section. Note the coordinates of the land to set the image. Click the desired coordinates on the map. Use the “Min” and “Max” fields in the “COORDINATES” column to center the coordinates for easier selection.

Editing and Saving Thumbnail:

  • For owned land, an “Edit Thumbnail” button appears. Click it, select your image, and hit “Save” to update the Land Map thumbnail.


  • It may take around 30 minutes for the image to reflect in the Land Map thumbnail after saving.

This new feature allows XANA users to personalize their Land Map, making it more visually informative and user-friendly.

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Table of contents