XANA Introduces “Genesis Rebirth NFTs” for Top 1000 Owners

XANA is taking its Metaverse to the next level by rewarding the top 1000 owners of XANA: Genesis with exclusive “Genesis Rebirth NFTs,” offering an innovative way to enhance and trade their digital avatars.

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Genesis Rebirth NFTs: A New Era for Avatar Customization

Unique Rebirth Opportunities

  • Brand-New Look: These special NFTs allow owners to revamp their Genesis avatars, offering a fresh aesthetic and enhanced appeal.
  • Trading Potential: Owners have the flexibility to use these Rebirth NFTs or trade them with others on XANAChain, adding a dynamic layer to the XANA ecosystem.

Distribution Snapshot

  • Snapshot Timing: The distribution was based on a recent snapshot, targeting the top 1000 Genesis owners.
  • Fair and Transparent Selection: This approach ensures a fair distribution, appreciating the most active and dedicated members of the XANA community.

Explore the Types of Rebirth NFTs

Variety of Rebirth Choices

  • Four Distinct Types: XANA offers four different types of Rebirth NFTs, each with its unique characteristics and aesthetics.
  • Personalization Options: These options empower users to personalize their Genesis avatars according to their preferences.

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Transform Your Genesis Today!

As a top Genesis owner, you’re invited to transform your avatar with the exclusive Genesis Rebirth NFTs. Whether you choose to embrace a new style or trade it on XANAChain, these NFTs open doors to novel possibilities in the Metaverse. Dive into the details and make your Genesis avatar stand out. Embrace this unique opportunity to redefine your presence in the XANA Metaverse!

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Table of contents