XANA Unveils DEEMO Movie NFT Collection in Collaboration with Major Exchanges

XANA is set to launch an exclusive NFT collection from the widely popular Anime movie “DEEMO,” in collaboration with global digital asset platforms. This collection marks a unique opportunity to own a piece of the movie’s musical scenes as an NFT.

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About the DEEMO Movie NFT Collection

A Musical Journey from Game to Film

  • Popular Game: “DEEMO” has garnered over 28 million downloads worldwide as a beloved music rhythm game.
  • Global Reach: The film adaptation, already screened in multiple Asian territories, is slated for release in countries like Korea and North America.
  • Unique NFT Experience: The collection features scenes from the movie in theatrical quality, combined with the original soundtrack. These NFTs offer a one-of-a-kind ownership experience, globally accessible unlike traditional merchandise.

Collection Details

  • Total NFTs: 4,500, with 4,000 available for sale.
  • Content: Each NFT includes a movie scene video, a still image, and the original soundtrack, making each piece unique.
  • Rarity: The collection comprises 3,500 common and 1,000 rare NFTs, each offering distinct content.

Launch Platforms and Sale Method

Participating Platforms

  • XANA Launch Pad: Primary sales targeting whitelist holders.
  • Gate.io NFT: A leading global exchange with significant user base and daily turnover.
  • Bybit NFT: A rapidly growing cryptocurrency exchange with a vast user community.
  • GameFi.org: A comprehensive platform for Web3 games, connecting projects and users through diverse offerings.

Launching Method

  • Pricing: Priced at $20, with conversion to ETH based on the previous day’s rate.
  • Network: Ethereum blockchain.
  • Rarity Mechanics: The collection includes common and rare NFTs, with a unique minting process for rare NFTs through the combination of common NFTs.

Pre-order System and Secondary Distribution

Whitelist Advantage

  • Pre-order System: A new system allowing whitelist holders to pre-purchase a set number of NFTs, enhancing their chances of securing rare NFTs.
  • Minting Process: Pre-ordered NFTs can be minted on the designated date, with the remaining NFTs sold on a first-come, first-served basis to whitelist holders and then to the general public.


  • Secondary Market: NFTs will be available for secondary distribution on platforms like XANALIA and OpenSea.
  • Schedule: Pre-orders open 5-7 days prior to launch, with updates and changes announced on Twitter and community channels.

Embrace the Harmony of DEEMO in the Metaverse

Join the melodious world of DEEMO as it transcends into the digital realm. Be among the first to own a piece of this cinematic and musical masterpiece as an NFT. Follow us for updates and get ready to experience the enchanting fusion of film, music, and blockchain technology with the DEEMO movie NFT collection.

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Table of contents