XANA: PENPENZ x CryptoNinja – Japan’s Biggest Free-Mint NFT Launch!

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Overview of the Upcoming Launch

XANA: PENPENZ x CryptoNinja Release Details

  • Launch Date: Scheduled for 25th February 2023.
  • Unique Collaboration: A joint venture between XANA and the CryptoNinja Family, led by Ikehaya.
  • Iconic Character: The launch features XANA’s beloved Penguin character, “PENPENZ.”

Background and Significance

  • Impressive Track Record: XANA’s successful launches in 2022, including XANA: Genesis & XANA: Land, with total sales over 3500 ETH.
  • Market Resilience: XANA’s NFTs maintain a strong performance, averaging 17x above their initial minting price.
  • Expanding Reach: This launch aims to broaden XANA’s global presence in the NFT market.

Allocation and Availability

NFT Distribution Strategy

  • Exclusive Access: 1,000 NFTs reserved for social media followers.
  • Community Contribution: 3,000 NFTs specifically allocated to dedicated community members.
  • Significance: Poised to be Japan’s largest free-mint NFT project, with potential global market impact.

How to Participate

Steps to Engage

  • Stay Updated: Follow the developments on Twitter.
  • Join the Community: Get involved via Discord.
  • Show Support: Like and retweet the official announcement on Twitter.
  • Application Process: Register your interest at Premint.

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Table of contents