XETA Additional Deflationary Mechanism Activated for Accelerated Deflation


XETA Token, known for its strong deflationary model, has now implemented new mechanisms to further accelerate deflation, enhancing its economic stability and value.

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Enhanced Deflationary Measures for XETA Token

Burning Mechanism for Ecosystem Allocation

  • Land Sales: 100% of the proceeds from land sales in the XANA Metaverse will be permanently burned.
  • Loyalty from Trades: 100% of the loyalty received from trading XANA: Land & XANA: Genesis will also be burned.

Impact on XETA Token Supply

This burning mechanism will reduce the maximum supply of XETA tokens each time land or NFTs are released and traded. Consequently, this increases the relative value of each existing token, strengthening its economic impact.

XANA’s Vision for Mass Adoption

XANA is poised to become the world’s first mass-adopted blockchain infrastructure for the metaverse. As the ecosystem continues to grow and evolve, the value of XETA is expected to rise, reflecting its expanding utility and scarcity.

Experience the Enhanced Value of XETA Tokens

Join the innovative journey of XANA and witness the rising value of XETA tokens, powered by its robust deflationary model and new burning mechanisms. Be a part of a growing ecosystem that’s shaping the future of the metaverse.

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Table of contents