XETA & LAND Staking (Cycle 14) is Starting!

Weekly Development Update
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Staking Schedule and Mechanics

Campaign and Raffle Periods

  • Campaign Period: May 1, 12:00 – May 14, 12:00 UTC.
  • Join Raffle Period: May 14, 12:00 – May 16, 12:00 UTC.

How to Stake

Rewards List

XETA Staking Rewards

  1. XANA:Penpenz: A freemint Generative NFT from XANA and CryptoNinja.
  2. XANA: Genesis: Personalized AI-based NFT for metaverse interaction.
  3. XANA:Genesis Voice Plugin v1: Enables your Genesis NFT to speak.
  4. XANA:Sneakerz: Exclusive wearable for staking participants.
  5. NFTDUEL card (PACK): Card packs for use in NFTDUEL.
  6. NFTDUEL booster: Boosts the level of NFTDUEL cards.
  7. Kinashi Fuji Allowlist: Special access by artist Noritake Kinashi.
  8. XANA Wearables: Original brand fashion items for the metaverse.
  9. XENY: Currency for purchasing XANA Builder assets.

LAND Staking Rewards

  1. XANA:Penpenz: A unique generative NFT.
  2. XANA:Land (Common): Essential NFT for metaverse building and trading.
  3. XANA:Genesis Animation Plugin v1: Adds expressive animations to Genesis NFT.
  4. XANA:Sneakerz: Exclusive metaverse wearables.
  5. NFTDUEL card (PACK): Enhance your gameplay with card packs.
  6. NFTDUEL card (single): Individual cards for gameplay.
  7. NFTDUEL card (Allowlist): Future purchase rights for NFTDUEL cards.
  8. XANA Wearables: Stylish virtual fashion items.
  9. XENY: Used for in-app purchases.

Note: Duplicated allowlist can be given away or converted to in-app currency.

What is Staking?

Understanding Staking in XANA

  • Purpose: Users stake XETA tokens and LAND to access benefits across the XANA ecosystem.
  • Ease of Use: Simple website login and staking process.
  • Phased Rewards: Benefits grow in phases, with larger stakes yielding greater rewards.
  • Future Prospects: Excitement for advancements in the staking cycle and user achievements.

Staking Periods and Details

Campaign and Raffle Phases

  • Campaign Period: Stake to earn tickets daily.
  • Join Raffle Period: Exchange tickets for raffle participation within 48 hours.
  • Reward Announcement: Winners claim staking rewards and tax bonuses (excluding LAND staking).

Reminder: Unstaking is available anytime.

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Table of contents