XANA: GENESIS Contract Migration

XANA: GENESIS (here after referred to as Genesis) will be migrated to the new contract as follows.

The migration process will be executed by the XANA management side, so there will be no specific work required on the user side, but it would be appreciated if the user is aware of the following points.

(Please note that the areas that impact the user are summarized in the ‘Notes’ section at the end of this document).

■ Content

The Genesis that are currently issued are all Burned and will be Airdropped to the original(new) wallet address.
※During the process, the Genesis ownership will be temporarily changed. ( i.e., the Owner will not own the Genesis for some time)
New NFTs will be minted. (Past trading and transfer history will not be inherited).
The same items that were owned in the old contract will be Airdropped.
If voice and animation plug-ins have been applied, the plug-ins will remain applied in the same way even after the migration.
Any Genesis used for Land Staking will also be Airdropped in the same way as it was Land Staked. (They will be Airdropped to the Staking Wallet in the same way as before the migration. This will not affect the number of Staking tickets).
■ Purpose of Migration

①Changing the XANA: GENESIS contract to a feature-addable (Upgradable) implementation.

②Implementation of a lock feature that requires a 2FA for sales and transfers.
※The initial state of Genesis will be in the Unlocked state.

③Changing to a contract implementation where royalties are paid for trading in OpenSea.
※The incoming royalty revenue will be available for Genesis’ development and marketing expenses, which will further enhance the value of Genesis.

■ Schedule

Expected start date of migration: 2023/5/28 (Sun)
Expected end date of migration: 2023/5/29 (Mon)

※We had postponed the work due to rising gas prices, but now that gas prices have calmed down, the work will be performed according to the schedule above.


■ Points to be Noted

①During the migration process, the Genesis Rebirth Application and Claim sites will be stopped.

②During the migration process, Genesis Chat will be stopped.
※The Rebirth application, Claim, and Chat sites will be resumed after the migration process is completed.

③During the migration process, Land Staking will be stopped.

④Any Genesis locked before migration will remain locked (lock requiring 2FA authentication) even after the migration is completed.

⑤During the Migration process, NFTs that are currently listed in XANALIA will be forcibly canceled.

⑥NFTs that are currently listed on marketplaces other than XANALIA (e.g., OpenSea) will also be burned but you will get back the ownership of the same NFT which you have listed.

⑦After the migration, the contract address and Token ID will change, so if the user has imported the Token ID for display in a wallet such as Metamask, the user will need to import it again after the migration process is complete.

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