Astroboy’s second local collaboration “Astroboy x Japan (Okayama) NFT” to launch 【12/24 12:00- (UTC) 】

What is “Astroboy x Japan (Okayama) NFT”?

This NFT project brings together Tezuka Productions’ globally influential manga and anime content, J&J Business Creation’s regional revitalization know-how and network with local governments, and NOBORDER.z’s NFT blockchain technology and its Metaverse technology. This project aims to recover and support local economies and the domestic tourism market, which were severely damaged by the disaster, and to launch the “Local Atom NFT”, which can be used in NFT games in the Metaverse, to the global market.

The three companies will collaborate with each of Japan’s “localities” to create NFTs as game cards that can be used in the NFT trading card game “NFT DUEL” linked to the “XANA” metaverse, and distribute and sell the NFTs worldwide. The game will be distributed and sold worldwide. Users will be able to own NFTs filled with the charm and culture of each region of Japan as their own assets, play with them, create new cards by combining cards, and monetize them by buying and selling them.

Launching Method

■Mint Price: $20 /pack (5 cards)
(*The price in XETA will be determined later due to rate fluctuations)
■Network: XANA Chain
■Total Supply: 2000
■Mint Date and Time
WL Sale : 12/24 12:00 ~ 12/24 13:00(UTC)
Public Sale : 12/24 13:00 ~ 12/25 13:00(UTC)

■Mint Site:XANA Launch Pad

■Mint Manual

■XANA: Bridge Manual

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