“BreakingDown LAND” NFT Drop Information – Credit card method

We have prepared an alternative purchasing method using credit cards, in addition to the regular crypto payment mint site, to ensure wider accessibility and appeal to general users during the “BreakingDown 8.5” event. Please carefully read and understand the following notes regarding the purchase of “Land (Common 1×1)” available for credit card transactions before participating.


■ Terms of Use and Important Points (Please review before making a purchase)

    1. The coordinates for sale may differ from those on the mint site.
    2. The quantity available for sale may differ from the total of 300 NFTs prepared on the mint site.

*Lands purchased with credit cards will be allocated precise coordinates by the BreakingDown administration based on the quantity sold and distributed at a later date.
*BreakingDown Land (both mint site and credit card purchases) includes a land area within the private sale framework already owned by BreakingDown, from which specific coordinates and quantities have been allocated for this sale.


■ Date and Time (Japan Standard Time)
Public Sale: July 1st, 18:00 onwards
*Purchasing will be available starting from this time.

■ Price
44,000 yen (tax included)
*Only “Common 1*1” will be sold.

■ Purchase Site (BreakingDown Land LP)
*Payments can be made through the “Credit Card Purchase” option at the top of the site.


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