BreakingDown LAND” NFT Drop (Vol.2) – Credit Card Purchase Option

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Expanding Accessibility with Credit Card Purchases

To enhance the reach and appeal of BreakingDown LAND to a broader audience, a credit card purchase method has been introduced. This is an alternative to the traditional crypto-payment minting process.

Terms of Use and Key Information

Understanding the Purchase Process

It’s crucial to understand the terms and conditions associated with the credit card purchase of BreakingDown LAND (Common 1*1). Please note the following differences:

Land Allocation and Sales

  • Coordinate Position: The land sold via credit card differs from those available on the mint site.
  • Sales Quantity: The quantity of land available for credit card purchase is separate from the mint site.
  • Post-Purchase Allocation: Lands bought with credit cards will have their precise coordinates assigned later by the BreakingDown administration.

Inclusive of Private Sale Framework

  • Land Ownership: BreakingDown LAND includes areas within the private sale framework owned by BreakingDown. Specific coordinates and quantities are allocated for this sale, including both mint site and credit card purchases.

Mint Details

Schedule and Pricing

  • Public Sale Period (UTC): August 26th, 09:00 to August 27th, 09:00.
  • Sale Price: 44,000 JPY (for “Common 1*1” land only).

How to Purchase

  • Purchase Site: BreakingDown Land LP
  • Payment Method: Select “Credit Card Purchase” at the top of the site for transactions.


Embrace the Future with BreakingDown LAND

This unique opportunity to purchase BreakingDown LAND via credit card opens up new possibilities for enthusiasts and collectors. Ensure you understand the terms and make your purchase during the specified sale period to be a part of this exciting venture.

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Table of contents