XANA Metaverse: A New Era of Virtual Reality on Ethereum Sidechain

XANA Metaverse, operating on its Ethereum sidechain, the XANA blockchain, is pioneering a new era in virtual reality. This platform is not just a space for immersive experiences but also a thriving digital economy. Let’s explore the unique features and possibilities that XANA offers to metaverse enthusiasts.

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What is the XANA Metaverse & Blockchain?

The Essence of XANA

XANA, a metaverse operating on an Ethereum sidechain, offers unparalleled speed, low cost, and superior features. The XANA blockchain is intricately tied to the metaverse, ensuring that any digital asset, be it tokens or NFTs, can be seamlessly integrated. This symbiosis extends to applications launched on the blockchain, allowing for a smooth transition into the metaverse.

XANA Metaverse Avatar Setup

Avatar Representation

In the XANA metaverse, users are represented by 3D humanoid avatars. These avatars are customizable with a range of wearables including clothes, shoes, and accessories. XANA collaborates with Animes, Mangas, and clothing brands to provide a plethora of wearable options. Additionally, individual artists can create and upload their own wearable digital assets.

Accessing Wearables

To access these wearables, users purchase them as NFTs from XANA’s NFT marketplace, XANALIA. Upon purchase, these wearables can be ported to the XANA metaverse and equipped on the user’s avatar.

Using the XANA Metaverse and Its Features

Engaging with the Metaverse

XANA offers a range of engaging features for its users:

  • User Registration: Users can sign up using their email ID, contact number, or through the XANALIA wallet.
  • Avatar Customization: XANA provides 30 pre-made avatars, but users have the freedom to customize their avatars from skin color to hairstyle.
  • Diverse Worlds: The metaverse boasts 22 unique worlds and 6 museums functioning as NFT marketplaces.
  • NFT Trading: Users can trade NFTs through XANA’s marketplace, XANALIA.
  • Events and Interactions: XANA allows users to hold static events and interact with others via chat or voice chat.
  • Animations and Social Networking: The platform offers over 150 animations and a social networking feed for sharing avatar selfies and following other users.
  • Access Pass: Premium features are available through an access pass, which includes attending special events like the NFT Art Award Event.

The Future of XANA

XANA is continually evolving, with collaborations with major brands and governments underway. It aims to be user-centric, empowering users to create and earn within its digital landscape.

For more updates and to become part of the XANA community, visit the official website or join the Discord and Telegram groups. Experience the future of virtual reality with XANA Metaverse!

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Table of contents