XANA’s Metaverse Journey: Unlocking the Future of Virtual Worlds

This month marks a significant milestone for XANA, a pioneering force in the Metaverse space, with major developments including the $XETA token private sale and the launch of the Metaverse’s Alpha version, accompanied by exclusive Alpha access pass NFTs.

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Presale Whitelist and Alpha Pass NFTs: Opportunities Knocking

Presale Whitelist is Open

XANA’s native token, $XETA, is gearing up for a private sale, exclusively for the most engaged members of the XANA community. The process involves a careful selection of community members based on their involvement and participation. The top 100 community members will be whitelisted each month for the token presale, offering them an allocation of $100. This process will continue monthly until the Token Generation Event (TGE).

What is Alpha Pass?

Alpha Pass is your gateway to the XANA Metaverse’s early experience. It offers 300 lucky holders the chance to explore avatar customization, social interactions, and various activities in the Metaverse ahead of others. These passes will be distributed for free to the top 300 community members and will include a unique serial number for early access verification.

How Does it Work?

The selection process for both the presale whitelist and the Alpha pass is straightforward. Active and regular engagement on XANA’s official Telegram, Discord, and Twitter channels is key. Note that spamming or off-topic discussions may lead to disqualification. At the end of each month, the top 100 engaged community members will be chosen for the whitelist, and 300 for the Alpha pass.

What’s Different for Free Users?

Certain NFTs released by XANA & XANALIA will have similar functionalities to the Alpha pass. Alpha pass holders will get first access to new upgrades and features, which will eventually be available to all users. The table below highlights the available functions for Free users, Specific NFT holders, and Alpha Pass holders:

Category Function Free Specific NFT Alpha Pass
Avatar Preset Avatar O O O
Avatar Hairs Options O O
Avatar Face Morphing O O
Avatar Eye Brow O O
Avatar Eyes O O
Avatar Nose O O
Avatar Lip O O
Avatar Body customization O O
Avatar Skin customization O O
Avatar Outer O O
Avatar Bottom O O
Avatar Shoes O O
SNS Posting contents O O O
SNS Chat O O O
SNS Emote O O
SNS Filter O O
World action Selfie O O O
World action Dance emote O O
Other New Functions O O

How to Submit

To participate, simply fill out the form and actively engage on XANA’s official channels. The first round leaderboard will start from February 5th and end on February 28th. Note that the leaderboard will be refreshed at the start of every round.

Embark on the XANA Metaverse Journey

Stay tuned for more updates on XANA’s SNS, and seize the opportunity to be a part of this innovative and immersive virtual world. The future of Metaverse interaction awaits you in XANA!

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Table of contents