Comprehensive Guide to XANAChain and XETA Token Procedures


XANA offers various scenarios for handling XETA tokens, ensuring flexibility and convenience for users. Below are the guidelines for different situations involving XETA tokens on XANAChain.

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If You Hold XETA (C-Chain) in CEX/DEX or a Crypto Wallet

  • Scenario 1: If you can wait a few days, a cost-effective method to swap XETA (C-chain) for XETA (XANAChain) will be provided.
  • Scenario 2: For immediate swapping needs, the Multichain bridge method is currently available.

For XETA (C-Chain) Stakers in XANA

  • Scenario 1: Continue staking without any action. Your XETA (C-chain) will automatically be swapped to XETA (XANAChain), allowing continued staking.
  • Scenario 2: To stop staking, unstake your XETA (C-chain) before 12:00 UTC on November 29th. Post this, stakes will be migrated, and XETA in staking will automatically swap to XETA (XANAChain).

For Holders with XETA Vesting Allocation

  • Start your vesting from XANAChain using the same vesting site URL as before.

Bridging XETA from XANAChain to C-Chain

  • Utilize the Multichain bridge method for this process.

Exchange Partners and XANAChain Implementation

  • Major exchange partners are initiating XANAChain implementation. Upon completion, direct deposit/withdrawal of XETA to/from both XANAChain and C-chain will be possible.
  • Notifications will be issued as each exchange becomes ready.
  • For adding XANAChain in your wallet, follow the provided manual.

XETA as a Gas Token on XANAChain

  • XANAChain uses XETA as its gas token, with a current plan to burn 100% of XETA consumed as gas, aiding in the deflation of the token over time.
  • The Gas fee per transaction is set around $0.1 in XETA, balancing low gas fees with the acceleration of XETA deflation and value increase.
  • The ecosystem’s growth with valuable content will increase transactions, further expediting XETA deflation.

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Table of contents