XETA Bridging Between Avalanche & XANAChain


Overview: (XETA Bridging Between Avalanche & XANAChain)

The XETA bridge is online now. Please check at: (https://app.multichain.org/#/router). For security considerations, we set 3 blocks to confirm the transaction on the XANAChain. For the transaction to go through, there should be 3 new transactions afterward. It doesn’t matter what kind of wallet these transactions came from. Users can wait for new transactions on the XANAChain for a while or initiate the transactions themselves.

Step 1: Go to the multichain website (https://app.multichain.org/#/router) and connect the wallet.

1. Click the Connect to a Wallet button in the top right corner OR Connect Wallet at the bottom.

2. MetaMask app opens automatically. At the bottom, click the Next button.

3. You will get a prompt to connect to the account. We need to click the Connect button to proceed.

4. To confirm the connection was successful, look for the wallet address in the top right corner – instead of the wallet icon. Another indicator is that your Balance is also visible.

Step 2:
Approve XETA Token
1. Enter XETA amount (220 minimum).
2. Click the Approve XETA button.

3. A popup appears with Approve XETA button. Click it to move to the next step.

4. Once you’ve clicked, your MetaMask app will open. Click the Confirm button to proceed with the bridging.

The Token has been approved successfully, which is confirmed by the disappearance of the Approve XETA button. Now only the Swap button is visible.

Step 3: Swap the XETA token (Avalanche) for XETA Coin (XANAChain)
1. Enter XETA Amount ( 220 minimum).
2. Click the Swap button.

3. Cross-chain Router popup appears. Click the Confirm button to proceed.

4. In the MetaMask app, click the Confirm button.

After the successful execution of the steps mentioned above, the swap is completed. You can confirm by checking the Balance against each chain.

The reverse, i.e., swapping XETA from XANAChain to Avalanche, follows the same procedure.

Feel free to drop your queries. Our support team is here to help you in any way possible.

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