How to Craft DEEMO NFT

『DEEMO THE MOVIE NFT』 is an NFT Collection that lets you to own a scene from DEEMO’s first animated movie, a rhythm game that has been downloaded more than 28 million times worldwide.

If you’re collecting DEEMO NFTs, you might be interested in Rare Class. To easily get Rare Class DEEMO NFTs, you can try Crafting.

Crafting combines two or more NFTs of the same class to get an NFT of a different class.

In the case of DEEMO NFTs, you need to combine 5 Common Class NFTs to craft 1 Rare Class NFT.

The simple process is described below.

1- Go to https://www.xanalia.com/craft/DeemoNft and log in with an account with Deemo NFTs.

2- On the sidebar, find Craft NFT and click it. It shows DEEMO. Once clicked, it’ll take you to the Craft NFT page, where you get Common Type DEEMO NFTs.

3- From the available DEEMO NFTs, select any 5 and click the NEXT button.

4- On the new page, you’ll find the selected DEEMO NFTs.

5- You can click the double arrows to change any of your NFTs. If everything seems fine, click the CRAFT NOW button.

6- MetaMask app will automatically pop up. Scroll down and click the Confirm button to continue crafting your NFT.

7- Once crafting is completed, you will get a pop-up in the lower right corner confirming successful crafting.

You can confirm that you now own a Rare Type DEEMO NFT by going to the Owned tab in your profile page.

If you face any issues or queries about the process, feel free to reach out. Our support team is here to sort out any issues you encounter.

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