Understanding NFT Transfer Limitations and Functionalities in XANA

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XANA has implemented specific measures to ensure the security and proper use of its NFTs. This guide outlines the limitations and functionalities related to NFT transfers within the XANA ecosystem.

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Transfer Limitations for Anti-Theft Measures

  • Authorized Protocols and Wallets: XANA NFTs can be transferred only between approved platforms and wallets to prevent theft and unauthorized use.
  • Permitted Actions for LAND NFTs:
    • Trading on XANALIA.
    • Trading on OpenSea.
  • Prohibited Actions:
    • Trading on platforms other than XANALIA and OpenSea.
    • Depositing NFTs to CEX (Centralized Exchange) exchanges from your wallet.
    • Direct wallet-to-wallet transfers.

Transfer Functionality in XANALIA

  • Separate Storage Option: XANALIA provides a “Transfer Function” allowing users to move NFTs to different wallets for protection or safekeeping purposes.
  • Limited Functionality on Third-Party Platforms: Note that some NFTs in XANA may not have transfer functionality on platforms like OpenSea.

Secure Your NFTs with XANA

Navigate the world of NFTs with confidence and security on XANA. Trade and transfer your digital assets within authorized channels to ensure their safety. Join XANA’s community today and experience a secure and innovative NFT ecosystem.

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Table of contents