XANA Metaverse: Launching Alpha DAO and Embracing Community Participation

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The Community is Heard

XANA, a rapidly evolving Metaverse project, has attentively listened to its community’s desire for a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). In response, the team is actively working on establishing the XANA Alpha DAO. This initiative marks the first step towards a fully functional DAO, designed to involve the community deeply in the development of the XANA Metaverse.


Following the launch of the Alpha version of the XANA Metaverse and its acceptance on the Apple Play Store, the XANA team has initiated the creation of the Alpha DAO. This preliminary version is the groundwork for a fully operational DAO, focusing on integrating community feedback and involvement in the Metaverse’s evolution.

Methodical Growth

Recognizing the complexity of developing a Metaverse, XANA is adopting a systematic approach. The Metaverse’s current alpha stage presents an opportune moment to introduce the DAO’s alpha version. While the transition to a full-fledged DAO is a gradual process, XANA is committed to achieving this in a sustainable and effective manner, aligning DAO development with the Metaverse’s technical and business progress.

Here are a Few Notes About the DAO Alpha

  1. Public Access: Anyone with the link can view the DAO board.
  2. Trello Account Required: To participate, create an account on Trello.
  3. Interaction Guidelines: Users can write on the board, but only admins and mods can delete posts.
  4. Board Selection: Choose the correct board between XANA and XANALIA.
  5. Post Placement: Initially, write in the “How do you think” list. The team will move significant posts to “Let’s discuss more”.
  6. Language: Post in any language, though the core team is more proficient in English, Japanese, and Chinese.
  7. Community Respect: FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt) activities will not be tolerated.
  8. Contributions: Significant contributors to the DAO will be recognized in the future.
  9. Testing Phase: This is an alpha test run, and community feedback is crucial for improvement.

Here is How to Enter

Join the XANA Alpha DAO now and be a part of shaping the future of the XANA Metaverse. Your insights and contributions are valuable in this collaborative journey towards a comprehensive and engaging virtual world.

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Table of contents