Masakazu Iwakura: A Legal Luminary Joins XANA JAPAN as Advisor

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Masakazu Iwakura: A Legal Luminary for XANA JAPAN

XANA: JAPAN is proud to announce the appointment of Masakazu Iwakura, a distinguished international lawyer, as an advisor. His extensive expertise in legal matters, both domestically and internationally, is set to significantly contribute to XANA’s enlightening activities and business expansion within Japan.

Background and Career

Masakazu Iwakura’s Illustrious Journey

After completing his university education, Mr. Iwakura embarked on a legal career, handling complex cases for foreign companies and overseas matters. His academic pursuits led him to Harvard Law School, furthering his experience with law firms in New York and Washington D.C. On returning to Japan, his expertise in M&A, corporate crisis management, and various other legal fields marked his career. Since 2006, he has been imparting his knowledge as a professor at Hitotsubashi University and served as a visiting professor at Harvard Law School in 2007 and 2013.

XANA: A Web 3.0 Pioneer

XANA: Revolutionizing the Metaverse Sphere

XANA stands at the forefront of the Web 3.0 metaverse era, providing a comprehensive platform that encompasses metaverse development, avatar creation, game construction, digital item ownership, and monetization. Recognized globally for its innovative approach, XANA JAPAN aims to leverage its unique offerings to become the leading Web3.0 metaverse in user engagement, creator collaboration, economic impact, and market capitalization.

Mr. Iwakura’s Role and Vision

Enhancing XANA’s Growth with Legal Expertise

Masakazu Iwakura’s role as an advisor is pivotal in enhancing partnerships and corporate strategies, bolstering XANA JAPAN’s business expansion. His deep understanding of business law and international transactions will be invaluable in navigating the complex landscape of the Web 3.0 era.

Comment from Masakazu Iwakura

Emphasizing the importance of the metaverse in the post-GAFAM era, Mr. Iwakura expresses his eagerness to contribute his legal and academic experience to XANA, under the leadership of CEO Yuji Mizonokuchi. His commitment to supporting XANA’s vision reflects his belief in the company’s potential to lead the global metaverse market.

Profile of Masakazu Iwakura:

Discover Masakazu Iwakura’s Profound Legacy 

Masakazu Iwakura’s career spans various aspects of corporate aw, making him an asset to XANA. His role as a partner at TMI Associates and his authorship of “Casebook M&A (Corporate Legal Affairs)” highlight his profound impact on the legal field. His recognition as a top lawyer by the Nihon Keizai Shimbun and his lineage from Gensui Iwakura of the Meiji era further underscore his distinguished background.


Join us in welcoming Masakazu Iwakura to XANA JAPAN and explore the possibilities he brings to the forefront of the Web 3.0

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Table of contents