Understanding $XETA Token Staking Functions

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【Regarding Staking Functionality】

This is an announcement for $XETA token holders only.
Please read and understand the content carefully before participation.

1. Features of $XETA Staking

  • True Yield
    The Staking also opens up True Yield. This yield is shared from the real economy (sales, trading, leverage, etc.).It is called True because it is shared from actual economic value, not supply from Vesting.
  •  XETA staking model
    Staking in $XETA is permanent. During the campaign period, staking allows you to benefit from the ecosystem, and You can remove your stake (unstake) at any time.Unstaking within 14 days of the start of the stake will incur a penalty, which feeds into the Tax pool, further increasing the True yield for long-term stakers.

2. Basic Rules of Staking

Please be sure to check the manual below for all the details of the staking rules and operation procedures.

  • About the ticket to be earned as a staking reward.
    You can earn “tickets” by staking (depositing) $XETA tokens during the campaign period.These tickets can be redeemed for a variety of  Treasure Box  rewards that can be used throughout the XANA ecosystem, including the Metaverse App, Land, and NFTDUEL built on XANA.
    ※These Treasure Box range from rare Land drops to the ability to acquire common items that can be used in XANA games, as well as whitelisting rights.
  • Campaign Period
    Staking consists of a total of 30-day cycles: 14 days for the Campaign Period, 2 days for the Join Ruffle Period, and 14 days for the Cooldown Period. Staking during the campaign period earns tickets ( Staking is not allowed during the JOIN RUFFLE and Cooldown periods).
    After the 14- day Campaign has elapsed, The Join ruffle period begins (a countdown of 48 hrs remaining) the”JOIN RUFFLE” button will get displayed for 2 days. Users can enter the Ruffle by clicking the button. In order to redeem (consume) the ticket and participate in the ” draw (=RUFFLE),” you must apply for participation (=JOIN RUFFLE) within the 48-hour time limit in order to receive the Treasure Box. In the cooldown period, a draw will be held only for those who “JOIN RUFFLE” in exchange for (and consume) their tickets. The drawing method is done by calculating the percentage of the total number of tickets applied as a whole to the number of tickets he/she has applied and the winner is randomly picked.(The more tickets you apply for, the higher the chance of being selected.)
  • ※ Users can Unstake XETAs which are in staking at any time.
    Unstaking within 14 days of the start of the stake will incur a penalty, which will feed into the Tax pool, further increasing the True yield of the long-term staker.

3. Staking Start Schedule

The Staking will consist of a “=campaign period of 14 days,” a “JOIN RUFFLE period of 2 days,” and a “CoolDown period of 14 days” for a total cycle of every 30 days.

1) Time and Date

First Cycle(UTC time)

  • Campaign Time:08.01 10:00〜08.15 10:00
  • Join RufflePeriod:08.15 10:00〜08.17 10:00
  • COOLDOWN Period:08.17 10:00〜08.31 10:00

Second Cycle(UTC time)

  • Campaign Time:08.31 10:00〜09.13 10:00
  • Join Ruffle Period:09.13 10:00〜09.15 10:00
  • Cool Down Period:09.15 10:00〜09.29 10:00

※The above cycle is repeated every 30 days

2)The following 5 Treasure boxes will be awarded in the first cycle campaign.
1. Land NFT

3) Staking Site


4) How to use Staking 


For any inquiries, please feel free to contact us through xana.net chat support.

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